Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Does Missouri Really Need to Amend Its Constitution to Protect Farming?

On August 5th, Missouri voters will decide whether to adopt Amendment 1, also known as the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment, which will protect the state’s family farms and ranches. But is this really necessary? Does the state actually have to go so far as to amend their constitution to protect what the overwhelming majority of people see as a natural, ... Read More »

Amendment 1 Will Protect State Farmers, Says Missouri Farm Bureau President

In an interview with Columbia, Missouri radio station 93.9 The Eagle, Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst makes it clear that Missouri’s Farming Rights Amendment, Amendment 1, is a vital protection for all Missouri farmers, especially local family farms. He goes on to say that state constitutions are actually much longer and in-depth than the federal constitution, providing for more ... Read More »

HSUS Needs Body Armor?

HSUS volunteers have been spotted at search and seizures of dogfighting rings, after arrests have already been made, wearing bulletproof vests and sporting badges that say “Humane Society Rescue Team”. They are posing as law enforcement in order to legitimize their efforts. But how do they afford this unnecessary body armor? Well, donor money of course! Playing dress up at the ... Read More »

Missouri Farming Rights Amendment – Everything You Need To Know

  What is it? Amendment 1, also known as the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment, received strong bipartisan support by members of both the House and the Senate in 2013, leading to its inclusion on the 2014 ballot. If approved by voters, the language would be added to Missouri’s constitution as such: “That agriculture which provides food, energy, health benefits, and ... Read More »

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