Sunday, April 19, 2015
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  • HSUS Sues to Stop Oklahoma Attorney General's Probe into Group's Fundraising Practices

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Florida’s Black Bear Hunting Season Forthcoming?


  It has been over twenty years since Florida has allowed the hunting of black bears in the state. Due to the April 15th unanimous vote by Florida’s Wildlife Commission (FWC), that could all change following a second commission vote this June. The FWC is considering a proposal to re-open the bear hunting season from October 24-30 as a way ... Read More »

One Essential Item for Any Outdoor Excursion

Via Outdoor Life

    This practical item is not often thought of as an essential in emergency situations, but it has dozens of uses that can help you out when in the elements. You could be hunting, hiking, riding, camping, or any other number of outdoor activities. Yes, there are many items you could bring along with you, such as a knife, ... Read More »

Protect The Harvest Joins the Fight for Oklahoma’s Right to Farm

PTH Twitter

Protect The Harvest has joined agriculture groups such as the Oklahoma Farm Bureau in defending Oklahoma’s farming families against out-of-state attacks from special interest groups by supporting the Oklahoma Right to Farm Amendment. This Amendment, introduced in the House by Rep. Scott Biggs, would amend the state constitution to permanently protect Oklahoma citizens’ rights to farm and ranch. The bill ... Read More »

It Never Rains in California: The Golden State’s Drought and Agriculture’s Role

CA drought

A state clings to hope. Hope that someone, anyone, has a fix for its drought woes. California is currently in its 4th year of drought, the worst in its history, affecting some 37 million residents. This is no small matter. A state this massive in scale, containing a population greater than 160+ countries in the world, has enormous needs. Almost ... Read More »

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