Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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  • HSUS Sues to Stop Oklahoma Attorney General's Probe into Group's Fundraising Practices

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Farmland Film Now Out on DVD


Today, March 3rd, the documentary film Farmland will officially be out on DVD and will be sold exclusively at Walmart. While the film has been out for some time on other platforms, such as on multiple streaming sources and iTunes, this will be the first chance to own the physical copy of the film. Farmland follows the stories of several young farmers and ... Read More »

National FFA Week Comes to a Close

Image courtesy of FFA.org

  Every year, National FFA Organization chapters from around the U.S. celebrate the agricultural education and vocation program. The week enables these young individuals to communicate with others who share their passion, gain new perspectives, and light that spark in each person to pursue a career in the industry. The tradition of the entire week-long celebration began in 1947, when it was ... Read More »

California Water Crisis

CA Water

    California is currently facing the most severe drought it has seen in nearly 40 years. Droughts are one of the most costly of natural disasters for the effects they have on the land and for those involved in agriculture. The big problem is the mismanagement of the low amounts of water that California does receive that are being diverted away ... Read More »

HSUS To Go After Maine Bear Hunting (Yet) Again

black bear

  On Tuesday the 24th, during a debate in court over the animal rights group’s lawsuit against the Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife that seeks to stop state wildlife experts from giving their perspective on the Maine bear hunting issue to voters, Humane Society of the United States announced that they will yet again pursue another ballot initiative to ban bear hunting ... Read More »

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