Friday, March 27, 2015
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  • HSUS Sues to Stop Oklahoma Attorney General's Probe into Group's Fundraising Practices

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PETA’s Virginia Kill Shelter a Thing of the Past?


  Lawmakers in Virginia have taken an important step in defending domestic animals from PETA’s maliciousness. On Wednesday, Senate Bill 1381 was signed into law by VA governor Terry McAuliffe. It clearly defines private animal shelters as facilities operated specifically to find permanent homes for animals. This will undoubtedly be a huge blow to PETA’s agenda in the state. The animal “rights” ... Read More »

National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes Begins March 26th


  The National Cutting Horse Association, the 16,000 member governing body of the sport of cutting, will host the second jewel of its Lucas Oil Super Stakes event in Fort Worth, Texas at the Will Rogers Memorial Center beginning Thursday, March 26th and lasting through Saturday, April 18th. The event is sponsored by Lucas Oil Products and will be attended by Protect The Harvest ... Read More »

Norman Borlaug: Agriculture Hero

Norman Borlaug

Today would be the 101st birthday of a great hero in the agriculture industry, Norman Borlaug. He was an agriculture scientist who’s notable achievements include a Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 honoring his lifetime work in feeding a growing world population. Mr. Borlaug believed it was our duty to create as many food resources as possible for this goal. In his Nobel Peace Prize ... Read More »

College Campuses: Prime Focus of the Animal Rights Agenda

Animal Rights College Campus

  There I was, visiting a campus in Missouri on what was an unusually warm February afternoon. I passed the great buildings, beautiful fountains and monuments, and groups of smiling students celebrating the rarity of a non-frigid Missouri winter day. All these things compose the typical idea of what a university should look like. Memories abounded in remembrance of my ... Read More »

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