Friday, September 4, 2015
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  • Click here to see the full trailer for 'The Wrong Side of Right', a new film produced by Protect The Harvest.

  • HSUS Sues to Stop Oklahoma Attorney General's Probe into Group's Fundraising Practices

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Massachusetts Food and Agriculture Under Attack

Mass. Ag Under Attack

  Wednesday, September 2nd, Massachusetts’ Attorney General approved numerous ballot question proposals, most notably one proposal which could have severe adverse impacts on the state’s food consumers and food providers. Two weeks ago, multiple groups that included Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) announced a campaign to put a proposal their lawyers drafted before Massachusetts voters that would “prohibit ... Read More »

The Trojan War on Horses – Part 4

Trojan War on Horses

  Welcome to the fourth and final article in our Trojan War on Horses series. Thus far we have discussed the mismanagement of the BLM, the irresponsible advocacy of Wild Horse Education and Laura Leigh, and rancher Kevin Borba. If you missed any of the previous articles they can be found HERE. Today we will be discussing the different solutions offered ... Read More »

Non-Lethal Weapon: HSUS’s Failed Deer Fertility Control Plan

Female Deer close up

  “It’s birth control for deer!” Sounds like the kind of wacky idea a character like Kramer would come up with on a bizarre episode of Seinfeld. Far too wacky of an idea to come from the brain trust over at Humane Society of the United States, though… Right? Wrong. These mad scientists often denounce the Ag industry for bioengineering ... Read More »

The Trojan War on Horses – Part 3

Trojan War on Horses

  Hello, and welcome to the third article in our series over the Trojan War on Horses. If you are not caught up on the series yet the other articles can be found HERE. Previously, we have discussed the BLM’s failed feral horse management, Laura Leigh, and Wild Horse Education’s counterproductive ‘protection’ of horses. Today, we will take a moment ... Read More »

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