Friday, April 18, 2014
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Missouri Farming Rights Amendment Gaining Strong Momentum

Missouri voters will soon have the chance to approve the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment, also known as Amendment 1. A YES vote will ensure the continued success of Missouri agriculture, the state’s leading industry, by protecting consumers, farmers, and ranchers from out-of-state special interest groups and the imposition of mandates that would seek to further regulate farming and ranching practices. ... Read More »

Michigan Sportsmen Battle HSUS’s Anti-Hunting Initiatives

HSUS is continuing efforts to restrict the rights of American sportsmen, seeking to overturn the will of Michiganders and attempting to ban wolf hunting. In 2012, after the United States Fish and Wildlife Services delisted the wolf from the endangered species list, the Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC) was given the authority to establish and manage a wolf hunting season. ... Read More »

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt Demands Answer for HSUS’s Deceptive Practices

On Wednesday, March 12, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt issued a consumer alert, warning that the Humane Society of the United States is under investigation for deceiving Oklahomans into donating to them under false pretenses. This comes in the wake of the tragic tornado strikes in Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas, that devastated Central Oklahoma in May 2013. In an ... Read More »

Iowa House of Representatives Calls on California to Repeal Unconstitutional Egg Law


Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey today issued the following statement thanking the Iowa House of Representatives for passing House Resolution 123.  The resolution called on California to repeal the law that unconstitutionally limits the sale of eggs in the state.  Gov. Branstad has also joined a multi-state lawsuit challenging California’s action.  Iowa is the nation’s leading egg producer.  The ... Read More »

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