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Chris Chinn, a 5th generation Missouri hog farmer, uses social media and her blog to inform others about daily activities on a farm. She shows her readers how they produce food for the communities.

Earlier this year, Chris was announced as the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance – Face of Farming and Ranching.

Her blog this week explains how farmers overcome cold weather challenges working to keep animals safe and warm:

This morning I stumbled across a letter to the editor that does an EXCELLENT job explaining what it is like to raise hogs outdoors.  There are several farmers who still use this method of production and I know they are putting in many extra hours this time of year to keep their hogs safe and warm.  (Especially with the upcoming snow storm we are supposed to get this weekend).  It’s a very difficult thing to do in our area of the country and the following letter to the editor does a great job of explaining the challenges these farmers face.

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