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Tuesday’s Blog Highlight: Janice Person – A Colorful Adventure

Janice Person’s real job is ‘photography’,she travels the world for pleasure, and is a self acclaimed ‘city girl.’ She shares her life experiences and passion for agriculture using social media and her blog – A Colorful Adventure.

She recently started a new series of blog posts called the “A to Z about Agriculture.” Everyday, she takes a letter of the alphabet and uses it to describe an important aspect of agriculture.

She’s on letter ‘H’, so stay tuned and follow her updates all the way through ‘Z’!

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A few people suggested I write about hay today, including my dear friend Mona who left the most encouraging comment on the post for G is for GMO. The reason it means so much is for Mona and I, it took a little time for us to find common ground. We could have easily decided the differences in some of our ideas were more important, but we continued talking through Twitter and blogs and found we have a lot of commonground. I LOVE how social media can do that! So if Mona wants me to write about hay, well, buckle your seat belts cause we’re headed to the hay field! (I just hope it isn’t a really bumpy ride!)

moving quare bales at RayLinDairy

Types of Hay

I have to say that I always though hay was just tall grass. Not sure when I realized that there were different types of hay but I do remember I was a bit surprised to find out how much I had oversimplified things. Oh, and by types of hay, I don’t just mean it comes in both round and square bales! And then as I started to learn about what cows eat, I found our the nutritional differences can be significant and that nutritionists and/or vets are a critical component as farmers look at livestock feed.

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    • Thanks for sharing this! I should clarify, my day job is I work for Monsanto in its communications team. The blog is my way of sharing my personal story of agriculture, travel and whatever adventures I come across.

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