When a company lashes out at American agriculture, they better be prepared for major blowback.

Panera Bread may have thought their intentions were good, but, following protests around the country, my guess is they never anticipated a response like this.

Original photo posted on DairyCarrie.com

Original photo posted on DairyCarrie.com


Carrie Mess’s original blog post regarding Panera Bread’s new marketing campaign insinuating that American farmers and ranchers are lazy created quite the stir on social media.

So much so, that Panera Bread contacted Mess directly via a phone conversation.

Panera’s campaign puts forth the notion that farmers who employ the use of antibiotics are taking the “easy” and less ethical path to raising healthy food. Unfortunately, their campaign instills fear and misleads consumers about the truth of where their food comes from.

After Carrie Mess spoke with the Chief Marketing Officer of Panera, they deleted the campaign’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, but refused to remove several of the images posted on their own social media pages and kept their commercial on the air.

We sat down with Carrie Mess, Daren Williams of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and Dan Kleinsorge of Missouri Farmers Care, to discuss the growing impact of “Food Elitists” and the effect of Panera’s marketing campaign on consumer choice. They joined me for our #PTHLive Google Hangout Ep. 2 –

Now, Carrie is teamed up with the Animal Ag Alliance to gather online signatures for a letter they will be sending directly to Panera Bread requesting a meeting to further discuss the implications of their misleading campaign against antibiotic use in animal agriculture.

We encourage you to support not just Carrie and the Animal Ag Alliance, but to support American agriculture as a whole by signing the letter.

Click HERE to sign the letter!


If you’re active on social media, be sure to use #PluckEZChicken and let Panera Bread know that America’s farmers won’t tolerate being called “lazy.”






    • Make me sad that people can talk about us agriculturist like that. We work hard to ensure our food is safe, and to do that our animals have to be heathy and well taken care of! Breaks my heart!

      Sarah Edwards
      August 1, 2013, @ 5:37 pm Reply
    • American farmers are not lazy. They feed the world. #PluckEZChicken. Boycott Panera

      Nancy Ruta
      August 1, 2013, @ 5:57 pm Reply
    • Panara, you are misleading consumers about food safety and quality! What a disgrace you are to all the farmers that grow the food you eat and serve!!I will never eat at your restaurant again!

      Beth chittenden
      August 1, 2013, @ 7:43 pm Reply
    • Farmers and ranchers put in long hours to provide food for us and the world. The care of animals and crops demands a commitment that most people do not understand.

      August 1, 2013, @ 9:22 pm Reply
    • Since you don’t support American Farmers, I will make sure NOT to support your company and make sure everyone I know also does NOT.
      Why don’t you go find a farmer willing to supply you with the product you want specifically? It can be done!

      Dirk Keeler
      August 1, 2013, @ 10:57 pm Reply
    • Really DUMB. Hope you’re not too lazy to figure out the facts.Lazy is the LAST thing that comes to mind regarding Farmers and Ranchers.

      JJ Roberts
      August 2, 2013, @ 12:12 am Reply
    • So proud of our farmers for standing up for themselves and educating the public- thank you for all that you do!!

      Allie Rieth
      August 2, 2013, @ 11:38 am Reply
    • The American farmer is not Lazy, Panera bread should take a long hard look at itself if it wants to see Lazy

      Mark Colglazier
      August 2, 2013, @ 2:59 pm Reply
    • Been farming most of my 53 years. work from 5 am to 8 pm most days. never had a 1 day vacation and you call me lazy. I know where not to eat.Talk about safe food. I’ve raised organic. it is no safer. to the contrary. it cost more & less safe

      August 3, 2013, @ 5:57 am Reply
    • Guess I will be too lazy to eat Panera bear claws anymore..love to see some of those folks work on a farm for a week and see how lazy they think farmers are then.

      August 3, 2013, @ 10:39 am Reply
    • Who the hell do you think you are. I was at your shop once and you showed me lazy and ignorant. I will never step foot in your place again, EVER!!!

      August 3, 2013, @ 10:52 am Reply
    • My parents (86) still work on their farm and taught their six kids how to work too. None of us can be called lazy. Our animals were well cared for and taken to market when we couldn’t eat them ourselves. I don’t like meat from the stores as well as I do when we can get it straight from the farm!

      Sharon Rogers
      August 3, 2013, @ 11:41 am Reply
    • We farm, People Eat. 7 days a week, 365 days a year… How is that lazy!

      Viki Benefield
      August 4, 2013, @ 10:16 am Reply
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