Yesterday’s headline buzz revealed a new scientific discovery – lab-grown meat.

A Netherlands researcher, Mark Post, spent the last few years working to create a new food product using “engineered muscle stem cells grown in a broth made from a calf blood product.”

According to news reports, the research project was funded primarily by Google co-founder, Sergey Brin. The entire project is said to have cost roughly $330,000.

From the outside, it seems like an interesting discovery, although some experts say it could take 20-30 years before it’s commercially available.

Why does PETA care so much about this?

You would think an organization with a mission statement claiming, “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way,” would be adamantly against extracting blood cells from an animal to use in scientific research.

But, in an unexpected turn of events, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk revealed that, “PETA has been supporting the project as well.”

That’s right.  The same PETA that for years has been a leader in protesting against scientific animal research facilities. And now they’re advocating for what they’re fundamentally against?

I wonder how the vegan community responds when Newkirk makes comments like, “The day we have been waiting for is finally here.” All along you’ve been waiting for lab-grown beef? One would have thought vegetables were enough for a sustainable diet based on past PETA marketing stunts.

It appears PETA is experiencing a slight shift in its philosophy.

For years, PETA protested all animal by-products like milk, honey, and eggs. Now they’re somehow “ok” with extracting blood from a cow to use their muscle tissue stem cells. How is this any different than gathering milk from a cow, or honeycomb from a bee hive?

Newkirk also stated, “We are seeing the future of food.” A future, apparently, where animals like cows will still be needed to provide scientists with blood cells, instead of milk or meat.

These animals would still need a farmer’s care, to ensure that the animal is kept healthy and safe for consumption. But PETA already campaigns against farmers and ranchers who take great pride in caring for their animals and providing a top-quality product.

PETA can still be grouped among the same animal rights extremists who target American farmers and ranchers to further their radical agenda to end animal agriculture. That has not changed. But this new position is a significant departure from their public stance on the use of animals for food, and we can’t help but notice and call out their hypocrisy.



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    • I don’t get it. Are vegans going to eat this meat? Or are they just going to grow it and market it to the rest of us? Very strange!

      jeanette craft
      August 9, 2013, @ 3:57 pm Reply

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