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If you missed our previous article on the animal rights movements and its brief history, you can find it HERE. Today we will be discussing the subtle connections between animal rights organizations, their personnel, and their financial interactions to gain a better understanding of the interplay within the animal rights movement as a whole.

To illustrate some of the connections we are including a web map put together by animalagalliance.org. Their map alone clearly shows what an influential part of the animal rights movement the Humane Society of the United States is, and consequently why noting their corrupt behavior is so important:


animal rights chart


As we said before, HSUS is an essential piece in the puzzle of animal rights. Not only do they have the biggest war chest because of their manipulative fundraising, but also because they poach personnel from the other organizations and have absorbed several radical organizations into themselves.  They are easily at the center of the animal rights world.

Along with HSUS, PETA plays a huge role in the Animal Rights Movement. A voice for the most radical section of the movement, PETA gives money and support to those willing to take their animal rights ‘advocacy’ to the extreme. They are also known for poaching employees, and several of their employees have branched out to join other organizations in an attempt to influence the AR ideology as a whole.

This graphic only scratches the surface of the animal rights interplay though; the only limit to the connections you can find is how much time and determination you have available.

For example, take a look at one single radical individual whom you would not think the rest of the AR world would want to be associated with: Paul Watson. Watson was on the second ever Greenpeace voyage and claims to be one of their co-founders, although the organization denounces him now for his violence. When they kicked him out of the organization he went to Cleveland Amory and Wayne Pacelle at the Fund for Animals, where they helped him raise enough money to purchase ships of his own and led to his starting of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Pacelle later became the president of The Humane Society of the United States and absorbed the Fund for Animals, turning them into The Humane Society Legislative Fund. HSUS is connected to the ASPCA through a laundry list of employees, but also because they were co-defendants in a racketeering lawsuit filed by Feld Entertainment in the RICO courts which costed both organizations millions.

Then, despite claiming to be less radical than other animal rights organizations, HSUS hired Matt Prescott – the past PETA employee responsible for theholocaust on your platecampaign. PETA and The Humane Society are also connected through grants and contributions, and a PETA co-founder (Alex Pacheco) was mentored by the same man as HSUS president Wayne Pacelle, Fund for Animals founder Cleveland Amory.

PETA is connected to many organizations itself, including the violent extremist organization the Animal Liberation Front.  In one instance, while he was under investigation by the FBI, PETA gave ALF member and well known arsonist/domestic terrorist, Rodney Coronado, over $70,000 in grants. Another violent organization that Coronado is affiliated with is Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, where he teaches college age students the ‘correct’ way to build a firebomb out of household supplies. Oh, and Coronado started his radical career on a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Voyage with Paul Watson.

HSUS is also connected to Mercy for Animals, which has a staff comprised of individuals from Farm Sanctuary, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), PAWS, The Humane League, and Compassion over Killing. The list of connections between these organizations goes on and on, and our investigation started with just one thread – Paul Watson. Imagine if it was possible to compare every animal rights group member to every other through past experiences and money changing hands, that would be one interesting web graphic!

Despite supposed differences that set animal rights organizations apart from one another, they share personnel, finances, and ideology, meaning they are essentially one in the same. Every small or large organization in the sphere of animal rights is connected in some way to all of the other organizations. All of the corruption from one organization is shared between all of the others and vice versa due to their overarching goal. This is why it is so important that the public is informed when a group like PETA kills dogs and cats or HSUS wants cities to pay people to bring in cats to be put down.

The system is dominated by manipulators that are taking advantage of people who care about animals and think they are helping them. The general public’s susceptibility to the deception of the animal rights world simply perpetuates the problem. Animal welfare is dying and being replaced by the much more radical animal rights agenda right under the noses of everyone in America.

By supporting HSUS, PETA, or the ASPCA, people are inadvertently supporting national terrorist groups like ALF through their connected personnel and finances. This does nothing to actually help animals.

In fact, little of the money that goes to these groups actually ends up helping animals. It is funneled into the pockets of people like Wayne Pacelle and Rodney Coronado. Instead of using their massive budgets to create no-kill shelters and research better and more efficient ways to produce food humanely, it goes to protests and making fire bombs. Is that what you really want America?

Next week, our third article in this series will look at the AR industry and where the money goes. We guarantee that you will be surprised by the amount of money that the organizations give to salaries and pensions. Even more goes to advertising, which explains the epidemic of misinformation that is being fed to the public.

These groups pose a tremendous threat to animals, farms, businesses, and average citizens. When are we going to stand up to them and say that enough is enough? When will we stand for the rights of our farmers?

Stand with us to advocate WELFARE over rights of animals and ensure that the 9 billion people of the not-so-distant future will be fed.



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