Prosecutor at Center of Hammonds’ Case Facing Scrutiny

  Yesterday, we told you about the case of Dwight and Steven Hammond, who have been convicted of eco-terrorism and sentenced to five years in federal prison for setting what they call preventative fires on their land which eventually, and unintentionally, spread to federal land. There is no shortage of controversy in this case, mostly centering around the federal government’s motives in bringing the charges and the prosecution’s decision to challenge the initial sentence handed out by the trial judge. At trial, U.S. District Judge Michael Hogan felt the mandatory minimum sentencing requirements for the case were unduly harsh and handed out a lighter sentence. Arguing that Hogan’s sentencing decision did not meet the mandatory minimums laid out in statute, the federal government was able to convince a federal appellate court to overturn Judge Hogan’s sentencing and re-sentence the Hammonds to 5 years. Even though the Hammonds had already served their original sentences, they will now be re-incarcerated. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the Hammonds’ appeal, effectively upholding the appellate court’s imposition of the 5 year sentences. U.S. Attorney for the state of Oregon, Amanda Marshall, led the push for the more severe punishment. This story is fascinating … Continue reading Prosecutor at Center of Hammonds’ Case Facing Scrutiny