EXCLUSIVE: Trent Loos Interview with Ammon Bundy From Malheur Wildlife Refuge

  In an in-depth interview provided exclusively to Protect The Harvest, Trent Loos goes in-depth with Ammon Bundy at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. As many of you know, Ammon Bundy and others have occupied the refuge; which sits just outside Burns, Oregon; in response to the punishment meted out to Eastern Oregon ranchers┬áSteven and Dwight Hammond. At Protect The Harvest we are deeply concerned with the erosion of the rights of farmers and ranchers in the face of ever-increasing government over-reach, regulation, and intrusion. We strongly support those who lawfully stand up and defend America’s family farmers and ranchers; while encouraging all sides to seek a reasonable and peaceful solution to this tragic miscarriage of justice. Much has been reported about the Bundy family’s actions at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, but few have heard from them directly. In this interview, you can see and hear for yourself exactly what they are trying to accomplish. As always, we want to know what you think. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.