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A Case of Injustice

Protect The Harvest received an urgent request from the Delta County Farm and Livestock Bureau in Colorado, asking for help in getting the word out about a local farming family that has been the subject of repeated legal attacks.   From the very start of their operation, this family has done everything right and nothing wrong.  We agree with Delta County Farm and Livestock Bureau and their stated concern, “If the use of best management practices is not acceptable, the future for family farm agriculture is grim indeed.”

Quick look at the facts:

  • They have correctly complied with all local government requests
  • They won the first lawsuit in the court of appeals
  • The court of appeals said they did everything they were asked and beyond
  • They are now facing a second lawsuit – the main opponent has stated she hopes to bankrupt them


The Delta County Farm and Livestock Bureau and other local groups have stepped up to support this family with fundraisers.  However, local community resources are no match for the cost of legal defense, the second lawsuit, and the fact that the family had to depopulate their farm twice.  We need to pull together to help support this family.  Please spread the word, and if you can, donate.  Every little bit helps.



Write check to –                Delta County Farm and Livestock Bureau, 322 West 5th Street, Delta, Colorado, 81416

                                             Make sure memo the check – Western Slope Layers, LLC


More Information:

For more information, please read the letter by Delta County Farm and Livestock Bureau President, Olen Lund: Delta Farm Bureau Support Letter-Western Slope Layers, LLC

To read the Colorado Court of Appeals decision, follow this link: Jardon full court decision_201410171316277989

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    • Where does the neighbors food source come from? Do they eat eggs and chicken or are they all vegans? These animal rights groups should be out lawed, funded by George So rros. Sorry I can not help, financialy tight myself!!

      Dennis & Connie Gomez
      March 30, 2017, @ 4:06 am Reply

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