Wild Spayed Filly Futurity

Protect the Harvest presents the First Annual Wild Spayed Filly Futurity:

Ten selected fillies will be offered for sale at the 2017 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity.  These fillies are invited back to the 2018 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity to compete in their own division for a $25 K purse.  The ten fillies offered in this special event were selected from the Three Fingers, South Steen’s and Beaty’s Butte herds.    By the time of the sale, all of the fillies will have been spayed, vaccinated and handled for 30 days.

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Wild Spayed Filly Futurity
Wild Spayed Filly Futurity Goal:

The goal of the Wild Spayed Filly Futurity is to showcase the significance and abilities of these resilient, tough and beautiful horses.   It will also demonstrate their trainability and hopefully encourage more people to consider a horse from our American rangelands.  A second and very important goal of the program is to help find economical, safe solutions in controlling the numbers of horses on American rangelands which will allow people to appreciate them in a healthy, balanced environment in the wild.


Wild Spayed Filly Futurity

Benefits of spaying wild fillies:

Protect The Harvest has been a steady advocate for the multiple use of Federal Lands. The extreme over population of the wild horses nationally has decimated wildlife, rangelands and water sources.  Over a twenty year period, there have been many attempts to control herd populations by using the birth control drug, PZP.  Unfortunately, this method has been proven ineffective, costly, and unsafe when administered.


Even with application of the birth control drug, mares continue to cycle.  They are bred monthly by multiple stallions and never settle.  Herds have to be gathered and captured annually to administer the drugs, proving to be very costly and ineffective.


The spaying procedure costs less than ONE dose of PZP and is only performed once in a mare’s lifetime. After the spay procedure, mares can be returned to the wild.  Once spayed, a mare can safely roam the landscape, possessing all her mare behaviors, as if she was in foal.





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Wild Spayed Filly Futurity Protect The Harvest


Thank you to the Burns Oregon Wild Horse and Burro Program:

Protect The Harvest thanks the Burns Oregon Wild Horse and Burro program for supporting our efforts and working with us to present this unique opportunity benefiting horses of the American West.


For information about other horses available at the Burns facility, follow the link below:

Link to Burns Oregon Wild Horse and Burro Program


Protect The Harvest Wild Spayed Filly Futurity