What do OCM, BEEF CHECKOFF, AND HSUS all have in common? 

During the latest annual conference for OCM (Organization for Competitive Markets) in August, OCM made an announcement of a partnership that shocked the entire livestock industry. OCM President Fred Stokes in an interview with Brownfield Ag News talked about suing the Beef Checkoff program with assistance from HSUS. 


Pacelle and HSUS joined forces with OCM and their assault of Beef Checkoff. OCM reported that HSUS helped in providing research and legal assistance. But, the question still remains, Why would an agriculture group like OCM seek assistance from HSUS? Because, we all know how the real history behind HSUS and how their agenda has played out over time. But, WHY? … WHY SEEK HELP FROM HSUS?

You want to know why… Just let Pacelle tell you himself:

We hope that the cattle industry stays in its lane and doesn’t continue to subvert the work of the egg industry to adopt progressive reforms that are good for the industry and align it better with consumer attitudes.

– Wayne Pacelle, Speaking with Brownfield Ag News

NCBA (National Cattlemen Beef Association) is contracted to work with Beef Checkoff and promote beef for consumers … What does NCBA have to do with all of this? … Remember the “Egg-Bill?” Well, HSUS is seeking their revenge of NCBA for its accomplishments made helping defeat the national scale “egg-bill.” Pacelle essentially  told American Cattlemen to remove themselves from agricultural issues altogether and “stay in your own lane.” HSUS would ultimately like to see NCBA removed from the scene so they can continue their extreme agenda. We see HSUS is after any opportunity that would attack cattlemen and the NCBA. In Pacelle’s statement he let his guard down, reverting back to how he and fellow HSUS activists truly feel about the issue:

My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.

—JP Goodwin, employed at the Humane Society of the US, formerly at Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, as quoted on AR-Views, an animal rights Internet discussion group in 1996.

Pacelle helped paint the picture perfectly. HSUS is still an extreme animal rights group that goes after any potential opportunity to “abolish” American livestock. This indirect partnership with OCM and their suit against Beef Checkoff continues to reveal the true agenda behind HSUS, the wolf in sheep clothing.





    • I don’t think we were the ones who had the image problem in the first place.When I pasrute farrowed hogs the sows each had their own 6 foot square house with bedding, and heat if weather was too cold for the pigs. Inside, the house had 2 4 bumper rails along the walls about a foot off the floor so that Mama didn’t squash the babies against the wall when she laid down. Modernization led to farrowing crates that protected the pigs even more so that Mama had to stay in the same spot. Protections offered by today’s laws are the equivalent of penning the pigs with the sows without benefit of crate or even bumper rails.I was told that the first words in the lyrics seemed too harsh; robbers and thieves . My answer was that I don’t name names. If someone is offended they must have a guilty conscience.But then I’m not the one trying to control public perception. As a farmer all I’m trying to do is carve and hold a niche out of the customer base I once shared with farmers everywhere. We’ve been getting squashed right and left.Millions of pounds of poultry, pork and beef are recalled every year usually after it is consumed by unaware consumers. Monopolies in seeds further a monoculture that does not benefit the nation or the world. Markets are literally a closed loop.Mama might go to the slaughter house if she can’t prove herself worthy. USFRA wants us to come inside.But if I go into that house without some kind of protection, Mama’s gonna lay on me too.Richard R Oswald

      November 1, 2012, @ 1:51 pm Reply
    • Please add my name to the request to Free the Hammonds.

      Janine Gibson
      May 20, 2018, @ 4:45 am Reply

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