At Protect The Harvest we, along with almost every other pro-agriculture group in America, have been sounding the alarm about the disastrous consequences of Proposition 2 (from 2008) in California (which will force California egg producers to go cage free) and the subsequent proposed federal regulations for egg-laying hens written by HSUS. (see HSUS’s Rotten Eggs)

Similar policies have been passed in Europe resulting in food shortages and spiking inflation. Now, due to recent events in Mexico, we see what an egg shortage would cause closer to home. From the Associated Press:

A summer epidemic of bird flu in the heart of Mexico’s egg industry has doubled the cost of a kilo (2.2 pounds), or about 13 eggs, to more than 40 pesos ($3), a major blow to working- and middle-class consumers in a country that consumes more than 350 eggs per person each year. That’s 100 more eggs per person than in the United States.

The egg shortage has hit the entire Mexican economy having “almost single-handedly driven up the national rate of inflation.”

While the average American diet is not nearly as dependent on eggs, it’s still sobering see the impact that egg shortages can have on a nation, especially given the expected impact of California’s Prop 2 and, if passed, the HSUS egg rules.

But, most troubling of all, is the cause of the Mexican egg crisis…Bird Flu. A disease which current cage systems in America are designed to prevent. The same cage systems HSUS is trying to destroy.

If HSUS keeps forcing American egg farmers to move away from cages, we could see a repeat of the European and Mexican egg shortages playing out on the shelves of our own supermarkets.






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    • Makes me glad I have my own chickens these people are way out of control they need to be stopped

      rhvonda launsby
      August 27, 2012, @ 5:25 pm Reply

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