Animal rights groups have launched their assault on the rights of hunters, like the one farmers, ranchers, and animal owners nationwide are experiencing. Animal rights group go state by state, attacking what seems to be small portions of the hunting community, gaining momentum in their push to end hunting. Lets take a look into recent events taking place in Wisconsin and California.


Wolf hunters were finally given the “ok” to hunt when the federal government released wolves from the endangered species list in Wisconsin. What’s next you ask? Well, as always, animal rights groups are in an uproar filing another lawsuit. They have asked the Dane County Circuit Judge Peter C. Anderson to put a provision on the wolf hunting permit. This would remove a hunters right to use of dogs when hunting wolves.

Assistant Attorney General Cynthia Hirsch stands with hunters statewide and told the court that human societies have no rights to sue “since hunting dogs don’t belong to them” (Associated Press, 8/29/2012). She is exactly right. Animal rights groups are crossing the line, attempting (often succeeding) to take away certain hunting rights. Before long, if things continue, there will no longer be the sport of hunting and the animal rights groups will have succeeded in their mission.


“[Wayne Pacelle] Is going to pick off California hunters one at a time.” – Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Gate Newspaper, 8/26/12. Referencing actions taken by Wayne Pacelle and HSUS on California’s SB 1221 (Banning Use of Dogs to Hunt Bears & Bobcats).

California hunters have received the brunt of the attacks coming from animal rights groups, specifically HSUS. They have used the television screen to mislead California. Pacelle was the leader for the ban of mountain lion hunting and passage of proposition 117 in California. Pacelle said this in reference to how “easy” it was:

“We showed a lion shot out of a tree… That was it. That’s all the voters need to see. What’s the difference? It’s precisely the same hunting method.”

San Francisco Gate, 8/30/12

So, Pacelle did his job then. Just feed the 38 million people in California a video and that is all. It was that easy to take away hunters rights. But, he has not stopped.

California’s bear hunters who use dogs while hunting face the same type of attack from Pacelle. Just .03 percent of California’s population (10,000) are bear hunters. Of those 10,000 bear hunters, 45 percent actually use dogs when hunting bears. Pacelle knows he and his animal rights activists just have to throw their money and power around to push their extreme agenda. SB 1221 in California will soon strip the rights of those few bear hunters all because Pacelle is in pursuit to end sport hunting. Animal rights groups will continue to destroy one hunting right after another until the ultimate goal is achieved. Pacelle thinks it will be just ‘that easy‘ and all just a matter of time.

Animal rights groups have been successful in outlawing different types of hunting in states such as Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, California, just to name a few.

When will HSUS and the Animal Rights agenda strike again? As a hunter in any state, your rights could be the next target.






    • These people really need to disappear. A lot of hunters do so in order to feed their families healthy food that they cannot get any other way. HSUS: Mind your own business, and let us mind our own!

      Doreen Mateicka
      August 31, 2012, @ 3:57 pm Reply
      • I also find it astonishing that Wayne would bring up Micheal Vick and Katrina! Well maybe not as those a high prlfoie cases that HSUS used successfully before. And Wayne’s hubris might make him think he can just say anything and expect the world to believe it if he says it .Whoever wrote this, it made my night. (and along with Dolittler got me out of my illness induced, self pitying lurker mode! )When HSUS refused to go to OK to help the dogs there and is continuing to to recommend that even puppies seized in dog fighting situations be killed, it just confirmed to me that they will say whatever keeps them on the publics bandwagon (no-kill etc) but have not changed a jot.I swear I am going to get bumper stickers made up sayng HSUS and PeTA STEAL from local shelters! give locally, save lives! My brother (on the BOD of an SPCA) also tells me that around the country, SPCA’s are at the end of their tether over ASPCA coming in and fundraising, counting on people assuming a relationship with local organizations, and they are gearing up to fight back.

        November 3, 2012, @ 6:05 am Reply
    • @ Doreen Mateicka – AR activists have been showing for forty years or more that they will NOT mind their own business. Their business is imposing their ‘moral’, vegan lifestyle on the world. They are succeeding because they pretend to care about animal abuse, and to be committed to ‘stopping animal abuse’.

      Who can’t get behind that? The catch is that they don’t mention that to them, any and ALL animal use and ownership IS animal abuse.

      You are absolutely right that they need to be stopped, but the first thing is to understand their agenda. It’s not about caring about or for animals, it’s about imposing *their* vegan agenda on the rest of us, and for them, it’s any means to an end. They have no problem using deceit to accomplish that – and in fact, the use of deceit is the ONLY way for them to succeed. No one ‘supports animal abuse’.

      Of course, only a tiny percentage of us are interested in being vegans, or even vegetarians. All we want is to keep our pets and livestock, sports, medical progress and diets.

      August 31, 2012, @ 7:04 pm Reply
    • Thank you for the great article and group. Our group The Allliance of dog men, we put together to align and join all hunters under one roof, to fight one common enemy. We have been on the front lines of sb1221, since its introducion, and we will not quit.

      Norm Green
      August 31, 2012, @ 9:17 pm Reply
    • They banned use of dogs to hunt bear and cougar in Oregon 20 years ago, now the cougar and bear population has doubled, while the deer and elk herds are struggling to maintain numbers. Pacelle is right…they showed a video of a cougar being shot and it was all over. They are more organized than we are. We need to support the groups who are fighting these people… both financially and organziationally.

      Bob Russell
      September 9, 2012, @ 7:03 pm Reply
    • Wolves are going to do the same for big game as the coyote has done for small game. The stteas that reintroduced the wolf will see a great loss of revenue as the populations of big game species decrease. Out of state hunters are not going to spend thousands of dollars to go somewhere to hunt that provides a very slim chance of success. Wildlife officials are going to have to decide whether they want the wolf or the hunters and the money they spend that supports so many people including themselves. I am sure the local hunters, outfitters and ranchers would gladly see the wolf completely gone. So to answer your question it is absolutely not the hunter.

      November 1, 2012, @ 10:46 pm Reply
    • Peta people are out of touch with reality

      Debra Corr
      January 4, 2014, @ 6:57 pm Reply

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