Animal Rights activists continue to deceive the State of California, more specifically, Los Angeles.

For example:

The City of Anaheim is considering a ban on animal performances (i.e. Circuses.) Even though circuses are currently regulated by city and state animal cruelty laws, the animal rights groups do not feel that is enough. Even the USDA has oversight rules circuses must comply with to pass inspections.

Their target is not set on improving the livelihood of circus animals, but on destroying the ability to hold a circus. But, It does not stop with circuses. They are just opening the door of attacks for the next round of performances (Rodeos, Dog Shows, Etc.) Animal rights entered the circus arena looking to ban performances and will continue picking apart every animal performance until they are finished.

If you are thinking, “How does this concern me?” Lets peel back a few more  layers of California animal rights groups.

The efforts to ban the sale of cats & dogs for profit in Los Angeles are true stories. They are trying to give those caught selling cats & dogs a misdemeanor charge with associated fines. Their aim? … to eliminate usage of “puppy mills” and promote using local humane shelters.

You mean the same local shelters supported by animal rights groups? Oh, wait… They do not even support local shelters.

They will continue rolling animal cruelty tapes asking for people to donate. There is no doubt about that. While, attempting to demonize selling cats & dogs only to swing the pendulum on their one-sided story.

We know about the attacks to circuses, cats & dogs, but do not forget about bear hunters.

The governor of California is currently waiting to sign a law banning the use of dogs while hunting bears. Seems like a small piece of the puzzle that does not involve a large group of people. Ultimately, they continue to isolate specific areas with the intent to deceive the public and push their agenda. You may not hunt bears with a dog, but it will not be long until you are faced with similar types of attack.

The picture is clear. California is being manipulated by animal rights groups from all angles. Animal performances, cat & dog sales, and bear hunting are just the recent attacks. The big picture has been painted. They will take rights piece by piece using deceit, lies and distortion to cover up the extreme agenda.




    • How is a performing dog animal cruelty. Ranchers sheepherders need their working dogs to herd their animals is that next?

      Diane Talbot
      September 7, 2012, @ 10:53 pm Reply
    • These people need to be stopped now. I love dogs and rodeo’s. There is nothing cruel about training a dog. Working dogs love the attention.

      Bennie Ringquist
      September 9, 2012, @ 3:48 pm Reply
    • Great job you guy’s thank you. I have been on the front lines with my friends fighting sb1221, the Bear hound ban. I am real tired of going to the Capitol and seeing the corruption, the HSUS buys polotics. They are funding the department of fish and game, and sitting on the CAL tip board. And trying to create there own new committee, to try and control hunting, thanks to a Jared huffman bill. Also he has one more to try and change the name to fish and wildlife, to be politically correct, kind of handy, helping HSUS while he is running for congress what a coincedence. Southern CA, needs to realize how much we support them, water, agriculture, wine, yet they watch and make ther movies, and attack our way of life left and right. Not really a democratic process when votes are out numbered, and payed for, by hollywood money, and the humane socitye of the us.

      Norm Green
      September 9, 2012, @ 5:58 pm Reply

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