North Dakotan’s may remember the general election of November, 2010 and how they voted on Measure 2. That measure, endorsed by HSUS, would have created a ban on captive hunting and infringed upon the rights of property owners. But, North Dakotan’s did not fall for their old trick.

HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) spent $148,486.38 on direct expenditures during the 2010 North Dakota general election season. HSLF’s (Humane Society Legislative Fund) 990 tax return form revealed HSUS’ specific sponsorship of television ads [pg 36].

  • HSUS’ total contribution of $148,000 was spent on direct expenditures for deceptive 30 second clips on television to people who may not have known better.

Measure 2 was a battle between the animal rights activists and sportsmen, who eventually would win that fight. Support of the measure came from North Dakota Hunters for Fair Chase who claimed that it was inhumane to hunt fenced animals. The opposition came from sportsmen who’s issue was claiming it limited the property rights of game reserve owners. The measure was defeated 56% to 44% and in 50 of 53 North Dakota Counties. All but three counties (Cass, Grand Forks, and Sioux) and HSUS were against the measure.

North Dakota Hunters for Fair Chase spent a total in the sum of $23,703.41. Add that up… $23,000 plus HSUS’ $148,000 in television ads brings the total to a sum of $172,000. That makes 87% percent of total contributions coming from HSUS.

Was HSUS ever present before election day in North Dakota?

Yes, with $148,000 in TV ads.

HSUS is making another attempt in North Dakota for the general election of 2012. This time with Ballot Measure 5, an animal cruelty measure claimed by HSUS. They are the primary sponsor for the whole movement. After HSUS released their 2011 Humane State Rankings, North Dakota was ranked 48th of 50 states. Take note of the fact that one of the grading criteria is whether a state “Prohibits hunting on Sundays.” Yes, according to HSUS, 9 states currently prohibit hunting on Sundays. Sounds a lot like the “Meatless Monday” theme HSUS and the USDA are promoting.

North Dakota will face HSUS and their massive out-of-state budget come this November 2012. However, they will not go unopposed. North Dakota Animal Stewards and North Dakota Feeding Families are the two groups leading the way in the fight back. Hopefully, the message is sent to HSUS that neither they nor their agenda are welcome in the state of North Dakota.



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