“Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting. Our opponents say that hunting is a tradition. We say traditions can change.”
Wayne Pacelle, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Oct. 8, 1991

A goal of the animal rights groups is removing American traditions like hunting, farming and fishing. The challenges presented by animal rights groups to states tend to come in the form of a ballot box.

Why do we need to solidify the rights of hunters, farmers, and fishermen?

Because extreme animal rights groups, led by HSUS, are successfully curtailing the rights of farmers, ranchers, hunters and animal owners throughout the US. Since 1990, across the nation, HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) directly sponsored 44 different ballot initiatives and referendums. HSUS’ initiatives have slowly stripped away the traditions near and dear to the hearts of hunters, farmers, and fishermen. The agenda coming from animal rights groups is forced upon those who refuse to fall in line.

The threat to your rights are real.

Some states have been begun to fight back with the preemptive state constitutional amendments to permanently protect our traditional rights.

In 2002, the citizens of Indiana voted to amend their state constitution adding the “Right to Farm”. Amendments like this are starting a trend across the nation. North Dakota will soon have the very same opportunity this November. These amendments will help ensure the life of farmers and remove the worry that animal rights groups create.

But, thus far, there have only been a few in the fight. Animal rights groups have been unleashed for far too long. More states need to act now, to defend our freedoms.

Why now?

Because, rights that defined American soil for more than two centuries are under attack.

This year alone citizens in Idaho, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Wyoming will get the opportunity to make the “Right to Hunt & Fish” a constitutional amendment. Sportsmen all over are in need of protection from the radical agenda like this:


That is the reason why we need to solidify our rights for American Hunters, Farmers, and Fishermen. Constitutional amendments will prevent extreme animal rights groups from imposing their undesirable agenda.

Creating preemptive legislation could put an end to the rapid rise of animal rights groups. They have been left unchallenged long enough. We know there are citizens willing to make the stand, they just have to be given the opportunity. The decision for a state to adopt similar language across the board would benefit those under attack from animal rights groups. The playing field needs to be leveled and these amendments are a step in the right direction.

Do you feel the pressure from animal rights groups in your state? How have you been affected personally?

Whether your a hunter, farmer, or fishermen, we would like to hear some of your untold stories.





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    • I’ve been fortunate in that, living in the city, I haven’t had too much interaction with these organizations. So far, they haven’t had any effect on the hunting and/or fishing rules in my area, although they raise hell every year when the overpopulated deer herd at an area park has to be thinned. since my ultimate plan is to get out of the city and raise my own meat, I’m concerned that they may have a future impact on my life, though. (I’m also planning on raising fiber animals for a small income source after retirement.) Even though I’m only one person, I make it a point to at least object whenever these organizations raise their heads in the area. For me, it’s a constitutional issue–whatever happened to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” It seems to me that raising healthy food for one’s family falls under the categories of both “life” and “liberty.” By the way, although we don’t hunt (yet!), we do have family memebers who provide their families with a fair portion of their food this way, and we DO fish (for food, not trophies).

      Doreen Mateicka
      September 19, 2012, @ 4:34 pm Reply

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