North Dakotan’s are faced with another ballot initiative from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The hidden agenda to adversely affect agriculture through emotional pleas and distortion of the truth does not set well with most North Dakotans. In 2010, HSUS tried to implement a barricade on North Dakota sportsmen, but lost. Now they are back again.

North Dakota Animal Stewards, the coalition in opposition, are tasked with joining the local forces in the fight against HSUS and Ballot Measure 5. North Dakotans to Stop Animal Cruelty (NDSAC), supporting group, is backed and funded by HSUS.  NDSAC claims that measure 5 is in the best interest of animals …

But how can that be when it only lists dogs, cats, and horses?

We explained why measure 5 was wrong for North Dakota in an earlier blog post. So, this is an update of whats been happening in North Dakota.

In ballot measure races letters to the editor are key to sparking conversations within the grassroots movement. September 19th,  North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association (NDVMA) distributed its own letter to the editor explaining why ballot measure 5 is bad policy for North Dakota:

“On the North Dakotans to Stop Animal Cruelty website, the following statement is made: ‘In ND, it’s only a misdemeanor to set a puppy on fire.’  Who is setting puppies on fire?  When has this ever happened?  This kind of disingenuous play on human emotion, is a poor way to sway opinion.”

Doug Goehring, North Dakota’s Agriculture Commissioner, has been on the record expressing his thoughts about measure 5. He understands that emotional ballot initiatives stemming from HSUS’ agenda spell bad news for local agriculture communities.

“A ballot measure, if approved, could not be changed for seven years without a two-thirds majority vote of the Legislature. North Dakotans should not have to wait seven more years for a comprehensive animal protection law.”

In the past couple of weeks the NDAS group has grown in numbers. They continue to round up support from local veterinary groups, the agriculture community, and numerous concerned North Dakota citizens. Within the past 2 weeks, several groups and organizations have shown support for NDAS and joined the opposition coalition:

Turtle Mountain Veterinary Service

Joel Heitkamp (KFGO Talk Show Host)

Northwest Shooters

ND Grain Dealers Assoc

ND Corn Growers Assoc

ND Veterinary Technicians Assoc

ND Rural Electric Cooperative

Enderlin Veterinary Service

Nukhet Hendricks (Humane Society of Fargo-Moorhead)

North Dakota Buffalo Assoc

Steele Veterinary Clinic

Sheridan Animal Hospital

Dr. Blaine Hopfauf

North Dakota Daily Coalition

For the complete list of supporters visit ndanimalstewards.com

Townhall meetings are taking place all over the state. The media attention gained through townhall meetings has given a spark to the campaign. Local news coverage has been huge for the NDAS and the opposition message. Even Joel Heitkamp, a local talk show host, gave his opinion about how measure 5 is bad for North Dakota.

Grassroots efforts do pay off and the evidence can be seen all over the state. From yard signs to townhall meetings, people from all over are gearing up to battle HSUS.

In 2010, HSUS spent close to $150,000. So, how much are they going to spend this time around before they grasp the concept that: “North Dakotan’s don’t need HSUS!”



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