North Dakota’s recent progress in trying to defeating ballot measure 5 and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) can be attributed to groups joining together, even those across state line.

A winning strategy requires the efforts of a team not just individual players.

For HSUS and their efforts brought to a halt, the team has to huddle together. The North Dakota team, North Dakota Animal Stewards, brings together of a wide range of interests with one thing in common: defeating the radical agenda of HSUS.

HSUS continues to go from state to state with the intention to employ emotional attack ads against agriculture, sportsmen, and even animal owners. Their strategy has been successful in the past with Florida’s 2002 banned use of gestation crates, Arizona’s 2006 ban on gestation and veal crates, and California’s 2008 ban of gestation, veal and battery cages. As they continue crossing state lines to further an agenda, the opposition is using the same tactic.

In 2010, Missouri was faced with HSUS’ Proposition B “Puppy Mill Bil.” HSUS did not just led the attack on pet breeders, but farmers and ranchers, too. That is why Missouri Farmers Care stepped in to bridge the gap. Although Prop B passed by a margin of 1%, Missouri Farmers Care was successful leading the attack to repeal the ballot initiative in the state legislature. HSUS did not stop, but continued to fight in Missouri with an effort, “Your Vote Counts,” to place stringent laws on the repeal process for ballot initiatives. Essentially, making it impossible to repeal future HSUS ballot initiatives. HSUS eventually abandoned the effort after $350,000 and failing obtain enough petition signatures.

February 2012, HSUS packed their bags in Missouri and headed straight to North Dakota. Where ballot measure 5 would soon come into existence. August 2012, the Secretary of State approved the initiative, and the North Dakota Animal Stewards had a battle on their hands. Missouri Farmers Care noticed HSUS’ recent move and began to reach across state lines to lend a helping hand.

Missouri Farmers Care understood they could offer insight and useful tactics to defeat ballot measure 5. They were instrumental with helping coordinate volunteers, lead townhall meetings, and organize the opposition for an effective battle against HSUS.

The fight is not just state by state, but an attack on American heritage as a whole and Missouri Farmers Care realizes that. For far too long, HSUS has been given a free pass with their radical agenda. We will not let them get away without holding them to task.Once we realize HSUS can and have been defeated, our courage will continue to grow.

In order to win, we have to take the battle to them, crossing state lines, just like Missouri Farmers Care.

To read more about Missouri Farmers Care and their support for North Dakota : porknetwork.com




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