Picture a dinner, hosted by the Vilsacks, catered by the USDA, and serving HSUS. 

And you have to have a personal invitation, because:

  • Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, caters to the Animal Rights agenda
  • Because, HSUS financially supports Christie Vilsack’s candidacy for U.S. Congressman
  • and, because Sarah Conant, a former HSUS Lawyer, is the Chief Inspector for USDA’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS)

HSUS, USDA, and the Vilsack Family have all continued to grow strangely close over the past couple of years and their relationships leads many to question their real motives:

Why does the nations largest animal rights group (HSUS) financially support Christie Vilsack in her candidacy for U.S. Congress?

The Vilsacks, supposed defenders of agriculture, cater directly to the needs of the animal rights agenda. HSUS is known for their relentless assault on American agriculture. So, it should only makes sense that Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, would fight for American Farmers & Ranchers… Right??

But, the opposite is taking place. The USDA seems to have an open door policy for HSUS and their radical agenda.

A political move? No, it can’t be… Because, we all know HSUS uses their money to fund local animal shelters… False.

The USDA changed course adapting to an animal rights agenda that most perceive as radical. One that can change the entire American framework if enacted. They continue to leave subtle clues like; the USDA’s hiring of former HSUS lawyer, Sarah Conant, holding animal welfare forums without actual science input, and the recent USDA “Meatless Monday” memo. All of these reflect the influence HSUS has on the USDA.

Why didn’t anyone say a word about the USDA hiring of Sarah Conant?

There should have been some alarm that went of when Sarah Conant, an HSUS lawyer in 2011, was hired by the USDA. Before working for the USDA, she filed several lawsuits against the USDA only to then resign as an HSUS lawyer and then two days later begin work for the USDA. The position was created just for her: Chief of Animal Health and Welfare Enforcement Branch Investigative and Enforcement Services.

Both as an HSUS lawyer and now USDA chief inspector, Conant continues to harass and file numerous complaints against animal breeders of all kinds. Listen to Dean Meyer’s personal account of facing $45,000 in violations and his run in with the new USDA inspection department, APHIS. Conant was knowingly hired as an animal rights extremist, and no one said a word. Until…

Senator Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, began speaking out about the activities between HSUS and the USDA. Senator Moran had this to say about the APHIS animal welfare forum:

“Nothing more, in my view, than the Department of Agriculture spending tax payer dollars on a forum to provide the Humane Society of the United States, a public forum to espouse its anti-agriculture views.”

Sen. Moran continues exposing the actions of the USDA and its “Meatless Mondays.” He believes that the USDA should be:

“Based upon sounds science, not some United Nations study.”

Now, Christie Vilsack, with the help of HSUS, is attempting to oust Congressman Steve King from Iowa’s 4th Congressional seat. Congressman King, a strong defender of agriculture, potentially could be next in line as Chairman for the House Agriculture Committee. Congressman King is nothing more than a roadblock for HSUS’ advancement of their agenda. HSUS is using its financial ability in support of Christie Vilsack and removing the King roadblock in furthering their agenda.

The USDA took on a new image with the hiring and catering to HSUS. In the minds of HSUS, with Rep. King out of the picture, it would be so much easier to accomplish their goals. HSUS knows with King in office they have a harder chance of getting things done. Buying Christie a seat in the House not only gives HSUS control of the USDA, but a funnel for their agenda using Christie in the U.S. House of Representatives.

With the USDA already wrapped around their finger, HSUS sees Rep. King as one of the last threats and are willing to spend indefinite amounts of money defeating him. .








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