Animal rights groups like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) are engaged in an effort to radically change America’s Thanksgiving Holiday.

These groups continue to attack American agriculture with edited ‘undercover’ videos, advertisements, and false depictions of true ‘life on the farm.’ PETA’s vegan campaign now targets kids with an emotional twist comparing dogs to turkeys. Animal rights groups continue to draw parallels between animals and humans, and are determined to reclassify animals as having the same rights as humans.

PETA Thanksgiving Billboard

This Thanksgiving, PETA decided to target a much younger audience. Their message is hardly subtle; Go Vegan. Placing these billboards near schools in Nevada and California gives them an opportunity to target children with an emotional message. Today, many children are removed from the farm and have a limited understanding of the origin of the food on their plates.  Animal rights campaigns like these distort the truth, exploit the vulnerable, and broadcast lies about a skewed ‘version’ of life on the farm.

PETA Thanksgiving Commercial – Banned

PETA is anything but a good source of accurate information. Their only goal is eliminating animal agriculture in pursuit of a vegan society. In PETA’s eyes, they is no alternative option. Just, GO VEGAN. Because, we said so…

Humane Society of the United States – Wayne Pacelle Blog

CEO of HSUS, Wayne Pacelle, titled his latest blog post: “Conscious Consumerism: Think About the Turkey This Thanksgiving .” Messages like these simply attach emotions to a vegan agenda, making the message ‘softer’ and appealing to consumers. They appear to be the ‘good guys’ in fancy suits. But, if you dig deeper into the mindset behind HSUS, pay close attention to the words used associating emotions and animals.

As they pretend to be a friend of agriculture, do not forget statements like these:

“My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.” –HSUS Director of Animal Cruelty Policy, John “J.P.” Goodwin

Animal Rights groups are hard at work trying to eliminate animal agriculture. What better time than this year’s Thanksgiving to give America’s farmers and ranchers a pat on the back.

Take time this Thanksgiving Holiday to thank a farmer for their hard work producing the food on our Thanksgiving tables. America’s farmers and ranchers take great care providing the best for their animals so we can provide our families with quality, affordable meals.

This year, let’s remind our children to #ThankAFarmer.





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