Kansas City, also known as the ‘The BBQ Capital of the World,’ is slammed by its own newspaper.

Kansas City Star’s attack on the beef industry is another example of how the media gives spotlight to the animal rights agenda. The ‘year long investigation’ includes talking points and video clips from Mike Callicrate, Vice President of the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM).

Yes, this is the same OCM walking hand in hand with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) with their attack against the beef checkoff in court.

The new media scare tactics are the same ones used by animal rights groups to mislead consumers about food safety. The Missouri Beef Council strongly disagrees with these reports and explains why,

“From farm to table, the beef community has a long-standing commitment to providing the public with the safest food possible. This is proven through the in-depth research, application of safety best practices, and public education.” – Missouri Beef Industry Council

American farmers and ranchers deserve recognition for providing the safe and healthy beef we have in our restaurants and grocery stores today. One example the Missouri Beef Industry Council provides is that the beef industry dedicates $550 million a year to the research of improving food safety strategies for consumers.

As animal rights groups and news media continue to attack the beef industry, groups like the Missouri Beef Council work hard to educate consumers about the healthy benefits of beef. After reading these false depictions of the beef industry, you may have questions just like this:

What is quality beef? Why mechanically tenderize? Is tenderized beef safe?       Find out the answers – Debunking Myths About Beef

FactsAboutBeef.com addresses several of the lies brought up in Kansas City Star’s report and provides answers with credible facts and sources.

Our nations animal agriculture industry is under attack from the news media, HSUS, and other animal rights groups. Their end goal is to see the elimination of all animal agriculture, one industry at a time.

Take a minute and voice your opinions with the Kansas City Star editor explaining your thoughts about their biased and misleading reporting:


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    • shame on you KC Star! The city of Kansas City was once the cattle hub of the west and those roots are what made KC. Get your facts straight- i raised cattle for 20 years and my cows were named, petted, taken care of by vets,and never abused or injured. I take pride in knowing that my cows were loved and would still be loved if i didn’t get a divorce. I had cattle, chickens, turkeys, ducks, cats, dogs, birds, peacocks, and kids and all of them were taken care of and loved. everyone i know who has cattle always taken care of them and not abuse them- just cause a few have is like taking cars away because killed someone with them. SHAME SHAME SHAME

      missy wade
      December 12, 2012, @ 2:47 am Reply

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