Until recently, American sportsmen have not been concerned about losing their rights to hunt and fish wildlife. But, over the past two years, seven states voted to adopt constitutional amendments guaranteeing citizens their rights to hunt and fish.

Animal rights groups, like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), target sportsmen through lobbying efforts, restrictive legislative measures, and misleading media campaigns. Over the past fifteen to twenty years, HSUS has targeted sportsmen rights in Alaska, Montana, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington, just to name a few. As the animal rights movement becomes more aggressive, efforts to defend the rights of sportsmen have steadily growing.

Since 1996, 16 states have passed constitutional amendments reaffirming sportsmen rights to hunt and fish.

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Sportsmen traditions are under attack from animal rights groups and that is why there are strong movements to put in place sportsmen constitutional protections.

Arizona is the only one state to reject a proposed right to hunt and fish amendment. November 2010, Arizona residents rejected the right to hunt and fish amendment 43% yes to 57% no. (A special note, HSUS spent more than $250,000 funding the opposition campaign.)

The 16 states that passed the amendments held a combined 80% success rate.

The recent trend of creating these protections for sportsmen is in direct response to the threats posed by HSUS and other radical animal rights groups.

For Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS, there is no hiding his true intentions:

“If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would.”

HSUS is working to eliminate the long standing traditions of America’s sportsmen. However, as these constitutional protections across the nation continue, HSUS’ agenda faces strong opposition.

Recently, Missouri State Representative, Jason Smith, pre-filed a constitutional amendment to ensure Missourian’s the right to hunt, fish, and farm.

“This amendment will preserve Missourian’s choices at the supermarket and enshrine our long-held traditions of agriculture, hunting, and fishing. Consumers and producers alike deserve the right to raise and consume the food of their choice without interference from big-money special interests and out-of-touch bureaucrats.” – Jason Smith, MO State Representative

Lasting constitutional protections across the nation, like Rep. Smith’s proposal, are created to preserve American traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.




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