To most of us, January marks the beginning of a fresh start.  A new year with new goals for self-improvement.

For the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a new year simply has given them enough time to recover losses and ready themselves for the next battles in their war on traditional America.

The animal rights agenda is not received well amongst traditional America, and HSUS still has a hard time coming to grips with that fact. After two major losses during the November 2012 elections, HSUS still believes American agriculture, sportsmen, and all animal owners should be forced into compliance with their agenda. In an earlier blog post, we explained how HSUS spent more than $750,000 attacking North Dakota farmers and ranchers and another $750,000 hoping to oust Congressman Steve King – IA. In the end, both attempts failed and HSUS’s bank account was over one million dollars lighter.

At that point, most organizations and individuals would strongly reconsider before making the same mistake twice.

But the nation’s largest animal rights group has that kind of money to spare, since they are funded in large part by charitable Americans who are led to believe their donations to HSUS are actually used to care for shelter animals.

This past week HSUS announced not just one, but two different state-level campaigns.

Since they were rejected in their attempt to re-write North Dakota’s laws, they have identified South Dakota as their next best target and are working to present an animal cruelty legislation proposal that is identical to North Dakota’s Ballot Measure 5. HSUS has been reported organizing meetings across South Dakota in preparation for another attack on America’s farmers and ranchers. The group HSUS is using to promote their misleading animal cruelty legislation has been given the name “South Dakotan’s Fighting Animal Cruelty Together (SDFACT).

As if one state was not enough, HSUS recently announced an initiative petition that would outlaw the hunting of wolves in Michigan, marking their return to the state where they rallied to ban the hunting of mourning doves in 2006.

HSUS ground operative Ellie Hayes is serving as the group’s campaign manager in Michigan. You might recall that Ellie Hayes is the same campaign manager HSUS called on to organize North Dakotan’s to Stop Animal Cruelty (NDSAC), the group promoting Ballot Measure 5, and the same campaign manager HSUS employed during their “Your Vote Counts” initiative effort in Missouri.

Hmmm…Some things just don’t make sense. Why would the nation’s largest animal rights group, HSUS, use the same campaign manager whose 0-2 record is anything but impressive?

Regardless, HSUS’s New Year’s resolution is clear:

Stay on the attack against traditional America.

They are willing to spend seemingly unlimited amounts of money spreading their radical agenda, because they believe their anti-agriculture, anti-sportsmen, pro-vegan lifestyle should be adopted by all.

As HSUS continues their attack on rural America, we must come together to defend what is most important to all of us: Our Values and Our Fundamental Freedoms.




    • The HSUS is absolutely not what most people believe they are.  Their advertisements ask for monies to help protect animals, which they do not.  Their only agenda is to lobby congress, with all their donations, to try and force their agenda on everyone!  I feel very sorry for all the people that are duped into sending them funds which will Not be used as the contributor believes!   Send funds to your local Humane Society, they may do a little good.

      January 23, 2013, @ 8:51 am Reply
    • Hey, thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

      February 11, 2017, @ 2:12 pm Reply

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