Yesterday afternoon, the Missouri State House Agriculture committee voted to pass HJR 11 & 7, Missouri Rep. Jason Smith’s proposed constitutional “Right to Farm” amendment. All 15 house committee members voted unanimously to pass this bill. It will now continue on to the House Rules committee and eventually to the house floor for further debate.



“Let’s give voters the opportunity to send a strong, clear message to these subversive special interests. They need to know we will not allow their unscrupulous methods to limit our freedoms or destroy the traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries.” – MO Representative Jason Smith

Missouri has been under the scope of radical animal rights groups, like HSUS, ever since the HSUS-backed Proposition B battle in 2010. Prop B, labeled the puppy-mill bill, would have had serious spill-over consequences for the agriculture industry. Although, Prop B passed, it was later overturned by Missouri legislators. HSUS came right back to fund another ballot initiative in 2011 called the ‘Your Vote Counts’ initiative. As agriculture groups throughout Missouri banded together in opposition, HSUS eventually retracted their failed ballot initiative in February 2012.

Now, Missouri agriculture groups are working to pass constitutional protections for farmers and ranchers with the proposed Right to Farm amendment. Passage of HJR 11 & 7 will send a strong message to HSUS and other radical animal rights groups that their radical agendas are not welcome in Missouri. If HJR 11 & 7 are approved by the legislature, Missouri voters will have the chance, on the November 2014 ballot, to voice support for their state’s number one industry – agriculture.

Missouri Farmers Care, a group comprised of numerous Missouri agriculture groups and associations, strongly supports the Right to Farm amendment. Their press release on the bill passing out of committee can be read here.

MO Representative Jason Smith also released a statement, yesterday, in an office press release talking about his amendment:

“It’s something I know the people of Missouri will support with overwhelming numbers because it’s the right thing to do for our state.”

We will keep you updated as the Missouri Right to Farm amendment continues to progress through the legislature.




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