To Learn more about Dr. Grant Woods and his love for managing and growing deer, visit his blog, GrowingDeer.TV.

His weekly video series and blog provide a great way to learn more about deer management and conservation efforts. His expertise and knowledge will help answer many of your questions about hunting whitetail deer. You can learn several helpful deer hunting tips from his experience with effective land management to attract that “once in a lifetime buck” you’ve always wanted!

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“Grant’s passions in life are God, family and hunting. Grant has been hunting since the third grade and has degrees from Southwest Missouri State University, University of Georgia, and Clemson University. His goal is to provide current, useful information about deer hunting and deer management in an on-demand video format.”



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    • This really is seriously interesting. We have been whitetail deer hunting for years and under no circumstances believed this strategy. This is absolutely a little something to take into consideration. Thanks yet again and good luck with your season

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      October 15, 2013, @ 6:24 pm Reply

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