Thursday’s Blog Highlight: Consummate Sportsman

The Consummate Sportsman is a blog and video series that shares the experiences of Great Lakes sportsmen. Using GoPro cameras and expert skills, these American sportsmen catch some remarkable footage.

These sportsmen are dedicated to the outdoors and travel the Midwest to fulfill their passions for the ‘outdoor lifestyle.’

From the authors themselves:

“If you enjoy hunting and fishing, yet have grown tired of the product pushing outdoor media, this is the place for you. The Consummate Sportsman is driven by a passion for the outdoor lifestyle, not profit!”


To learn more about Consummate Sportsman, we encourage you to check them out on Facebook and YouTube.

In their most recent blog, they recap this years successful steelhead season.

Western MI Steelhead


With the turning of the calendar from February to March, it’s always the same result.  “The run” begins in people’s minds, whether or not the conditions dictate, and out of no where, armies of anglers storm previously vacant stretches of river.

Sadly this time of year usually marks the end of my steelheading.  March is a bittersweet time of year for me.

It’s been a good steelhead season.  Many fish were brought to hand, and even better, most on video.

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