Tuesday’s Blog Highlight: The Will to Hunt

The Will to Hunt - PTH Blog Post

Will, an American outdoorsman, writes about his experiences hunting and tracking wildlife in Virginia. In his recent blog post, he discusses an offseason trip to check trail cameras located deep in the woods.

This time he took his son, lost the SD card from a trail camera, and went back looking for it. He writes, “…sometimes you have to get out and take the path of most resistance…” That path may have led him to find a trophy deer hideout.

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“Sometimes you find the best spots and learn the most when you really aren’t trying. This seems to be the case with me quit often. When I go out shed hunting or scouting I don’t find anything. Then, when that isn’t the objective I seem to find gold! Similar I guess to when you are surrounded by turkeys when you’re deer hunting or the opposite, surrounded by deer during turkey season.”

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