Many people have been asking questions, “Is there really a threat to our rights to hunt and fish?”

The answer – Yes. And it’s bigger than just restrictions on guns.

We’ve read many comments like, “You don’t need an AR-15 with a 100 round magazine to kill a deer. The Right to Hunt isn’t under attack.”

They’ve probably heard recent news reports citing new laws and regulations proposed to limit your rights as a gun owner. This is simply one side of the story.

What they haven’t been told is that animal rights groups and environmentalists are the real threats faced by American sportsmen.

According to recent news articles, last week three major animal rights and environmentalist groups were listed as supporters of California legislation aimed to ban all lead ammunition for California sportsmen.

Any guesses which group was one of them?

If you guessed The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), you were right.

In a previous blog post, we detailed HSUS’s most recent assaults on California sportsmen. A month ago, the concept of an all-encompassing lead ammunition ban was just an idea. Now, with HSUS’s full support, it’s on fast track to becoming California law.

These radical groups know any attempt to ban hunting altogether would never work. However, by increasing costs for hunters and, banning specific practices like the use of hounds, they’ve got a much better chance to reduce, and even eliminate, hunting.

Fishermen face similar harassment.

A perfect example comes from New Hampshire where proposed legislation targeting fisherman is set to ban lead in fishing weights.

Supporters say its best for the environment, but all the evidence points to an ulterior motive.

Requiring the use of other metals in lures, like tungsten, can double or even triple the cost of fishing.

These groups understand simple economic principles. They know the best way to achieve their goals is through imposing increasing costs using government regulation.

It’s frightening to see animal rights groups and environmentalists working together with this level of precision.

Our goals of protecting your rights to hunt and fish are matters of preserving long standing American heritage. This country was built upon the traditional rights and freedoms of America’s sportsmen.

These groups are a threat to our rural way of life and they don’t seek compromise.

Constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish amendments will create lasting protections for America’s sportsmen – Protections from the threats posed by animal rights activists and environmental extremists.

It’s time to defend America’s sportsmen – it’s time to Protect the Hunt!




    • This attack has been slowly growing for years, since the lead shot ban for waterfowl at the very least. They will not be happy until there is no hunting or fishing except as THEY see fit. Resist all this “what’s best for all” crap…. it’s an ulterior motive at work.

      March 21, 2013, @ 9:14 am Reply
    • Self-proclaimed environmental groups demand that hunting with lead ammunition must be banned. But there are serious scientific questions about the validity of their claims to justify a lead ban. What these groups are not revealing is that there are other sources of lead in the environment. To learn all the facts in the lead ammunition debate, visit http://www.huntfortruth.org.

      Hunt For Truth
      March 25, 2013, @ 11:50 am Reply
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