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Tuesday’s Blog Highlight: Agriculture Proud, Ryan Goodman

Ryan Goodman, Graduate Student attending the University of Tennessee, is a life-long cattle rancher with a passion to share his story about being “Agriculture Proud”. Using social media, Ryan’s answered thousands of questions from followers seeking to know more about life on a farm. His knowledge, expertise, and experience in agriculture gives him the skills necessary to effectively communicate the truth about agriculture using different media outlets.

In his most recent blog post, he spotlights Virginia’s Department of Agriculture Top 10 Common Misconceptions in Food and Agriculture.

Ryan Goodman stands to defend America’s agriculture traditions, so be sure to follow his updates on his Blog ‘Agriculture Proud‘, on Facebook ‘I am Agriculture Proud‘, and on Twitter @AR_Ranchhand.

Agriculture Proud blog:

On a weekly basis, I usually receive 8-10 questions via my Ask A Farmer contact form from folks who just want to know more about agriculture in general. I’m just one guy with an opinion who is willing to share my opinion. I try to incorporate links with perspectives from others as often as possible when replying to these questions.

Being that last week was National Agriculture Week across much of the country, many folks have been sharing their opinions and expressing why they are proud to be a part of agriculture. One post that stands out for me is from Virginia Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture, Matt Lohr (@Mjlohr71 on Twitter).

Matt has a Top 10 list of common misconceptions about agriculture. These are similar to many questions I receive, so I wanted to share another perspective on the issues. Below are the numbers 10-6. The final 5 can be viewed on the Virginia Department of Agriculture website.

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