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Thursday’s Blog Highlight: Simple Hunting

Jeremiah and John Stanley are a father-son hunting team that have a combined six decades of hunting experience. With a recent move to the northern swamps of Florida, the Stanley’s are learning how similar Whitetail deer are regardless of geography.

In their blog post for this week, they ask ‘What you would do if legislation were passed to make it illegal for you to hunt?

We would like to thank you both for spotlighting Protect the Harvest in your blog. Thanks for joining with us in our common mission to defend the hunting traditions that are under attack by radical animal rights groups.

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Hunters are under attack!

What would you do if legislation were passed that made it illegal for you to hunt?

How would this change your life?

The nation in which we live is looking upon the hunting sports less favorably with each passing year.

Hunters and the hunting traditions are under attack.

It is our responsibility as hunters today to ensure that our children and grandchildren are afforded the same hunting rights that we are free to enjoy.

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    • idk bout everyone else but i enjoy being in the woods like no other…..its a simple pleasure that everyone deserves n sportsman and sportswomen need to stay together n keep the good fight going to protect the future of our sport…..especialy for our children

      michael livingston
      April 25, 2013, @ 11:14 am Reply

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