Animal rights groups getting away with hypocrisy and pushing their anti-hunting agenda? … That’s Insane!

PETA lashes out at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and HSUS pushes for a $340,000 taxpayer funded deer birth control program – all in one week.

Be sure to tune in as ‘This Week in Insanity’ lays it all out, exposing the real truth and the thwarted agendas of America’s leading animal rights groups.




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    • Wondering if you realize that HSUS makes the birth control stuff for horses they conned the US into using for the feral herds? What would you bet me that HSUS also gets the money from the deer one? Hmmmmmm…. advocating for the deer’s own good or for their pocketbooks?

      T. Baker
      May 10, 2013, @ 4:25 pm Reply

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