Last week during the 2013 iCast Fishing Conference, held annually in Las Vegas, NV, Forrest Lucas had the opportunity to talk with Outdoor Channel’s Mark Davis of Penn’s Big Water Adventures about Protect the Harvest, why it’s important and why YOU should be involved.

Forrest Lucas iCast 2013 Interview

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    • That’s great but Forest Lucas doesn’t have a dime at risk when it comes to animal welfare. While he is spending money financing race cars, egg farmers are spending their own money fighting law suits as a result of HSUS. PTH is all talk and has the audacity to tell egg farmers they are wrong! Egg producers are fighting on the front line while PTH makes calls from the safety of their seats in the gallery. Get out of our way and let those that are at risk deal with HSUS.

      Bill Cramer
      July 24, 2013, @ 9:33 pm Reply

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