I need your help this week choosing which story should given the title of MOST INSANE story of the week!

You be the judge:

1. PETA offers $100,000 to the Mayor of Detroit in return of serving only vegan meals

2. PETA wasting Salem City Officials time with a proposed 5 foot tall 250 pound chicken memorial


3. PETA displaying a billboard equating eating meat the same as smoking

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    • #3. Eating meat is the same as smoking.

      July 26, 2013, @ 1:22 pm Reply
    • I amazes me that anyone with any amount of intellect can believe such nonsense that eating meat is as bad as smoking when we have people alive today 90 to 100 years old that their diet consisted mostly of meat and dairy products in there younger years. You can live without smoking but you can not live without eating. We could go on and on with examples that contradict such a statement. I can not believe the lack of ability of people to think for themselves today. They believe almost anything that certain people to them.

      Kent Lorens
      July 28, 2013, @ 12:32 pm Reply

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