Save Maine's Bear Hunt

HSUS is at it again, taking aim to eliminate the rights of American sportsmen.

Despite HSUS’s failed attempt to rewrite Maine’s bear hunting laws in 2004, they’re back hoping for an all out ban on bear hunting in November 2014.

HSUS is currently bankrolling the local organization, Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, cleverly disguising themselves under the pretense of representing Maine’s values, but Maine’s citizens deserve to know the truth.

Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting is just another puppet group, backed and funded by HSUS, America’s largest animal rights group, whose values and interests are based in Washington, D.C., not Maine.

Maine is another stop in HSUS’s annual trek across the country, where they hope to secure a seemingly small victory to aid in their larger effort to restrict the rights and freedoms of American sportsmen.  There’s no doubt that HSUS will spend vast portions of their $160 million dollar annual budget to bankroll these initiatives.

The effort to ban bear hunting in Maine is not a “grassroots” campaign organized and funded by a local group of determined citizens. In fact, according to an article in the Gloucester Times newspaper, HSUS hired a consulting firm out of Los Angeles to carry out the professional signature gathering process necessary for placing the issue on the ballot in the first place.

HSUS is even misleading Maine’s citizens with inaccurate reporting about the state’s bear population. Maine bear biologist Jennifer Vashon estimates that there are roughly 30,000 bears statewide in any given year. Thanks to scientific research and proper wildlife management practices, Maine’s bear population has flourished, increasing by 67% since 1990, contrary to HSUS’s claims about the declining bear populations. In order to stabilize the bear population, Vashon says, “We need to harvest about 3,500 per year.”

It’s another case of scientific fact and common sense vs. HSUS’s emotional arguments.

HSUS will continue spending millions to push their radical agenda. But the tides are shifting, as sporstmen across the state are rallying to fight the out­-of­-state animal rights group’s attempt to dictate their traditional way of life.

Maine’s wildlife management officials know best when it comes to planning and executing a bear hunting season, not HSUS or any other out-of-state radical animal rights group that is openly opposed to any and all forms of hunting.

Our sportsmen allies in Maine, Save Maine’s Bear Hunt, need your help, because an attack on one should be viewed as an attack on all!



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