Where Did All The Money Go

On Wednesday, March 12, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt issued a consumer alert, warning that the Humane Society of the United States is under investigation for deceiving Oklahomans into donating to them under false pretenses.

This comes in the wake of the tragic tornado strikes in Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas, that devastated Central Oklahoma in May 2013. In an advertising campaign following those events, HSUS implied that donations made to them would go directly to local animal shelters, helping with displaced animals in the region and damage caused by the storm.

A review done by General Pruitt’s office, however, finds that little-to-no funds donated to HSUS actually went to support local Oklahoma animal shelters.

In a press release, Pruitt states, “Our review has found the Oklahoma shelters have not received assistance from national groups. Our concern is that Oklahomans’ donations may instead have gone toward lobbying activities in other states or at the national level. We all want the best for displaced animals and appreciate the work animal welfare organizations do to provide care for dogs, cats and other animals. But it’s important to ensure Oklahomans are not being deceived, and that the donations they made to help Oklahoma-based animal shelters are doing just that.”

This isn’t the first time HSUS has pulled a stunt like this, remember Hurricane Katrina? Louisiana’s Attorney General investigated HSUS’s records and found that out of the over $30 million raised in the effort to support displaced animals, only 52 percent was actually spent in Louisiana. Just like in Oklahoma, we’d like to know what happened to the rest.

General Pruitt is taking a strong public stance, calling into question not only HSUS’s fundraising practices but their attempt to restrict the rights of egg producers nationwide.

Pruitt, along with the attorneys general of Missouri, Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, and Nebraska, recently filed a lawsuit against California’s Prop 2, challenging its Constitutionality. This has been an issue that HSUS has cast a shadow of considerable influence over.

HSUS President Wayne Pacelle believes that there is a conspiracy against them and that this issue is in someway connected to the consumer alert.

According to an article in the Tulsa World, Pruitt strongly refutes the accusation that those events are related, stating that it is “his duty to investigate allegations of wrongdoing by charitable organizations.”

General Pruitt simply wants answers to easy questions. HSUS claims they raised the money from advertisements to help with displaced animals. Oklahomans have the right to know how that money was really spent.

Pruitt is fighting on behalf of Oklahoma consumers to get the truth from HSUS. Their track record of falsifying information only shines the spotlight on them more.

We’d like to thank General Pruitt for standing upon principle, leading the investigation to uncover the truth for Oklahomans and taking charge in the case to repeal California’s bad egg bill.


Scott Pruitt




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