The National Cutting Horse Association, the 16,000 member governing body of the sport of cutting, will host the second jewel of its Lucas Oil Super Stakes event in Fort Worth, Texas at the Will Rogers Memorial Center beginning Thursday, March 26th and lasting through Saturday, April 18th. The event is sponsored by Lucas Oil Products and will be attended by Protect The Harvest Founder Forrest Lucas.

Cutting horses are called that for their instinct of “cutting” a cow from a heard and keeping it from returning to the heard for a certain amount of time. The sport is hugely important because of its origins on Western ranches where cattle were cut and separated for management and health, and also for the fact that it’s perhaps the only equine sport where the horse’s ability to think about its job is clearly demonstrated.

The first part of the 2015 Lucas Oil/NCHA Super Stakes, the Super Stakes Classic, welcomes 5-and 6-year-old cutting horses and riders from numerous divisions including open, non-professional and amateur. This portion of the show offers more than $180,000 in added money and delivers impressive performances from the industry’s top horses and riders.

The second half of the NCHA Super Stakes caters to 4-year-old horses and tenders more than $800,000 in added money. This event serves as the second leg of NCHA’s Triple Crown, which kicked off with the first jewel of the series in December at the NCHA Futurity. Those then 3-year-old horses will now return to Fort Worth for another shot claiming their portion of what is one of the largest payouts in equine history.

Over $2 million in cash prizes is on the line, and finalists will go on to have a chance at a NCHA Triple Crown buckle. Pictured at the top of the article is John Mitchell riding Junie Wood, owned by Slate River Ranch. They were last year’s Super Stakes Open winner, earning $75,000.

Other events over the course of the 3+ weeks include: Best of the West Lifestyle Show (free to the public) and the Cajun Cutters Crawfish party.

For more information on the schedule of events and to learn more about NCHA, check out its website.



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