Trojan War on Horses

In the second part of our series, we’ll discuss some of the groups who have only served to make life more difficult for ranchers while simultaneously worsening the suffering for feral horses in the American West.


The Bureau of land Management was created in 1946 when the General Land Office and U.S. Grazing Service merged. The BLM considers its history to go back with the GLO and thus, having been created in 1812, has over 200 years of land management experience. The BLM is within the Department of the Interior, but had no legislative mandate until Congress passed the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976.

Congress, and the people, recognized the importance of the remaining public lands and keeping them appropriately managed to best serve the citizens. Now under the control of Neil Kornze, the BLM does its best to fulfill its mandate and protect the land through management.

As we have said before, they are failing.

They are spending enormous amounts of money on horses in sanctuaries and leaving the wild horses and American ranchers out to dry. Only 2% of their budget goes to actual gathers and removals, and yet the herds continue to expand at an outrageous rate. Take a look at the graph showing where BLM money, your tax dollars, goes in regards to the horse crisis.

BLM graph

The BLM does not have a way out of its predicament anymore. Pre-2007 the horse processing facilities allowed the BLM to better manage the land, but with their continued closure it may be too much to hope for a better performance by the BLM.

Moving away from the BLM and towards the activists that are making the problem even worse, our focus turns to the misleadingly-named group: Wild Horse Education.

WHE and Laura Leigh

A little bit about the organization: WHE is an ultra-radical ‘wild horse advocacy group’ founded and run by Laura Leigh. Leigh has gained a reputation for aggressively engaging anyone who disagrees with her, for example:


Laura Leigh and WHE would rather have us completely leave the wild horses alone and remove ranchers from permitted public land. She does not answer, however, how those horses would get food and water, or why leaving them to starve is morally better than appropriately managing their population.

Want more proof that she doesn’t actually care about the wild horses? She has actively stated that joining the BLM advisory board and actually having a say on how the horses on managed would be a ‘waste of her time’. She and the BLM have started a Trojan War on horses, using the cover of advocacy to deceive people into thinking they want what is best for these majestic animals and then leaving them to starve to death.

Laura Leigh attempts to paint anyone who disagrees with her animal liberation philosophy as “cruel,” but the end results of the policies that WHE promotes are starving horses, decimated ecologies, and weakened ranchers.

“Everything that is alive at some point is going to die, but do we want to starve things to death? I know I don’t, I’d rather see things managed properly.” ~ Mike Stremler – Rancher

On Monday, we will continue the series with a closer look at the negative influence of WHE and let you decide who truly cares for these animals.




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