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The people of Oklahoma have had enough with Humane Society of the United States’ transgressions in the state, and its government is starting to take action against the radical animal rights group.

Following a string of potential HSUS violations against his fellow citizens, veterinarian and State Representative Brian Renegar (D) from McAlester has introduced House Bill 2250. This potential measure would ban animal rights organizations from fundraising in the state unless that money went towards programs in the state.

The bill’s language:

“No animal rights charitable organization, professional fundraiser for an animal rights charitable organization or professional solicitor employed or retained by a professional fundraiser for an animal rights charitable organization shall engage in the solicitation of contributions from any person in this state intended to be used on program services outside of this state or functional expenses outside of this state.”

According to Brownfield Ag News, this would also apply to running commercials in the state.

The measure follows an unprecedented move by HSUS last year to sue Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt in order to block his office from investigating their fundraising practices. In March 2014, Pruitt issued a Civil Investigative Demand seeking documents related to the group’s fundraising campaign in Oklahoma following the devastation of tornado strikes that hit the town of Moore and surrounding areas in 2013. They were claiming to support local animal shelters by helping misplaced animals.

His office found that little-to-no funds raised from the citizens of Oklahoma by HSUS actually went to their stated purpose.

This is not an isolated incident. Other states have reviewed or are currently reviewing HSUS’s tactics in raising money. Similar disaster relief claims were made by the group in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and in New York following Hurricane Sandy, and in those cases they were found to have donated miniscule portions of total funds raised to those areas.

Many other states may follow Oklahoma in investigating HSUS in the search for truth about their fundraising. We wonder if some of these states may even consider similar legislation to what Representative Renegar has introduced.




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