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In a recent blog post on PETA 2, PETA’s youth propaganda website, the author decides to take a particularly hard stance against National FFA Organization. She refers to the group as “lame AF” (Google AF if you don’t know what that abbreviation means), and says that she joined FFA as a youth because she thought it was “a bomb club to join if you love animals, leadership, and agriculture” but soon came to realize it didn’t live up to her lofty expectations.

She then posts a list of grievances with how FFA’s code of ethics doesn’t align with what she views what agriculture should promote.

You can use all the “dope” slang you want in order to connect with the impressionable kids visiting your website, but we believe this article is “hella weak”.

Celeste Harned, a family farmer from Western Kentucky, took special exception to this attack on her beloved group. Harned was active in both FFA and 4-H in her teenage years, and cherishes the memories she made while a member as well as the life lessons she learned that would benefit her later on. She now runs a blog which advocates for family farms, in addition to her other work.

As a response to PETA’s hate-filled message, Celeste Harned responded with an excellent defense of FFA and its code of ethics. We highly encourage you to read it, which can be found here.

In it, she opens up about how FFA changed her life in many positive ways. PETA’s post goes after FFA’s promotion of leadership training and personal growth, but Harned takes the high road; instead of bashing the author for her poor choices of words and baseless arguments, she carefully and thoughtfully explains the “cold, hard truths” about FFA and agriculture education.

FFA is more than just agriculture education – although that is very important. FFA also focuses on science-based learning, teaches public speaking/advocacy skills, provides business training, and even encourages public service.

Once again, we encourage you to read Celeste Harned’s full post, as it perfectly describes the passion and dedication FFA’s leaders have to not only grow future generations of agriculture, but also to leave the world a much better place, something PETA has failed to do in its quest to take down anyone who eats meat or is involved in animal agriculture.

We must follow Celeste Harned’s lead in continuing to support groups such as 4-H and FFA. It is imperative that we encourage our nation’s youths to join these groups and build excitement for joining such an incredible industry which is dedicated to feeding the world and its ever-expanding population.

Is that argument “on fleek” enough for PETA?






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