Indiana Office of the Attorney General Sends Letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regarding the ELD Mandate



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“In a letter sent to the FMCSA on Wednesday, state Attorney General Curtis Hill asked for a delay on the mandate, citing the “self-certification” provision in the current regulation that allows device manufacturers to claim their ELDs are compliant, without any government or third-party verification.

“With manufacturers of ELDs currently responsible for ‘self-certifying’ their compliance with government standards – with no effective procedures seemingly yet developed to provide oversight over such self-certifying – drivers and operators are left without any way of ascertaining which brands and models of devices ultimately will pass muster,” Hill’s letter states. “They must fly blindly into investing in products they are being required to purchase.”

The letter asks for the FMCSA to put the new requirements on hold until the agency can “develop guidelines that offer greater clarity to the individuals you expect to follow them.”

Hill’s concerns about allowing device makers to say their ELDs are compliant with the regulations without third-party testing were among the numerous concerns the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has raised in its long-running opposition to an ELD mandate.

Todd Spencer, OOIDA’s executive vice president, said Hill’s letter shows that states aren’t ready to begin enforcing the mandate.

“How many more ways can the message be delivered? This thing ain’t ready for primetime. The prudent and responsible thing to do for the agency is to put it on hold until all the pieces can be sorted,” Spencer said. “It’s a reflection of a reality that is just now dawning on states and state officials. Certainly many entities that use trucks never dreamed they could be caught up in the ramifications of such a wide-ranging mandate.”

ELD Mandate



ELD Mandate


ELD Mandate

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    • You need to get this mandate stopped for the horse and livestock industry. It will do NOTHING to improve safety on the roads and it will force every person that participates in any show or event that has the POTENTIAL to earn money to carry a true commercial CDL WITH a medical card and participate in the IFTA program which requires them to track every mile in every state and every gallon of fuel purchased. This could POTENTIALLY include every Harry and Harriet homeowner that hauls their kids to sporting events as there is the POTENTIAL for those kids to earn scholarships which is $$$$. It will decimate the agricultural economy in the state of Texas…and I have written to my state senator. I have a small trucking company and was subjected to an over zealous auditor that wanted to include my horse trailers and car trailers in my commercial equipment!

      Carla Peacock
      December 4, 2017, @ 2:41 pm Reply

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