Pardon the Hammonds


IMPORTANT NEWS REGARDING DWIGHT AND STEVEN HAMMOND:  The pardon for Dwight and Steven Hammond is in President Trump’s office.  It is critical that we IMMEDIATELY gather as many signatures as possible to show support of their pardon.  Please follow the link and sign the petition and then confirm your signature via email.

Follow this link to sign the White House Petition to pardon the Hammonds:  URL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/pardon-dwight-and-steven-hammond


The Hammond case is viewed by many in the West, and indeed across the nation, as a manifest miscarriage of justice akin to double jeopardy.   As long as Dwight and Steven Hammond remain in jail for what is obviously a gross miscarriage of justice, this matter remains a blight on the federal regulatory agencies and the criminal justice system.

Rural communities of the West are greatly appreciative of the efforts of the Trump administration to restore the economies of these communities.

We respectfully ask President Trump to pardon Dwight and Steven Hammond .


For additional information:

Follow this link for details about the Hammond and the full letter submitted by Protect The Harvest:



Link to foxnews.com article by Perry Pendley, President of Mountain States Legal Foundation: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/05/19/trump-should-pardon-oregon-ranchers-arent-terrorists.html


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      May 25, 2018, @ 2:07 am Reply
    • Mr. President, I join my fellow Americans in asking you to pardon and/or commute the sentences of Dwight and Steve.

      John Ferguson
      May 25, 2018, @ 10:44 am Reply
    • Dear Protect the Harvest , The Hammonds are a Brand Name for Double Jeopardy regardless of the fact that this change is ridiculous , but we need to make people ” UNDERSTAND that IF the Hammonds case is NOT commuted THIS CAN SET A Precedent for anyone to receive this same kind of resentencing ” !!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE NEED TO SIGN THE HAMMONDS PARDON JUST FOR THIS REASON ONLY !!!!!!!!! Protect the HARVEST needs to Crowd Source this Hammond Pardon based on this Precedent please !!!!! Thank you for your time and consideration .

      Tony N.
      May 25, 2018, @ 2:28 pm Reply
      • I’m sorry I didn’t spell check …I mean The Charge of Arsenal Terrorist is Ridiculous . And the fact that the Jury Pool was selected from a very Bias section of Oregon , downtown Portland and bused to Pendleton Oregon , creating a discomfort that made the jury even more willing to get the case over with , and the Hammonds Legal defense did not reject this as a unfair jury pool selection and condition is grounds for a mistrial and acquittal .
        Thanks again for your time .

        Tony N.
        May 25, 2018, @ 2:38 pm Reply
    • Please right this terrible injustice

      Nancy brown
      June 10, 2018, @ 4:01 am Reply
    • Mr President,
      Please commute the Hammonds trial, which wasn’t a trial, more like railroaded trial, pardon the Hammonds. Set the record straight, serve justice.

      Wendelyn Muratore
      June 13, 2018, @ 6:37 am Reply

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