The animal rights movement, led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), believes that it’s morally abhorrent to raise and eat animals for nutrition. So, naturally, they’re opposed to animal agriculture.

Over the last decade they’ve launched an unprecedented assault on modern farming designed to weaken consumer confidence in our food supply. By limiting the types of technology and practices farmers can use, HSUS and its allies can make animals more expensive to raise and, consequently, increase the cost of meat. By doing this, they can reduce meat consumption simply by making animal protein too expensive for more Americans to afford.

They work towards this goal in four basic ways.


Passing Ballot Issues. For example:

  • Tried to pass a Trojan Horse law in Missouri (Proposition B) that would have allowed them to attack the state’s food producers.
  • Attacked egg farmers in California through “enriched cage” requirements which drive up costs for producers AND consumers.


Crafting New Regulations. For example:

  • Tried to pass new laws giving the federal government unprecedented control over the day-to-day operations of farmers and ranchers.


Pressuring Food Outlets. For example:

  • Pressured major corporations to stop doing business with most pork producers.


Aggressively Litigating Against Farmers and Agriculture Trade Groups. For Example:


Their efforts, if successful, will not only make meat more scarce and expensive, but will also threaten the safety and health of America’s food supply.