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Please support animal exhibitions,
horse shows, dog shows and rodeo

Western Sports Industry Coalition:

We are members of the Western Sports Industry Coalition started by our friends at Western Justice to push back against ordinance language in the City of Los Angeles. The Western Sports Industry Coalition is a group of industry leaders concerned about the future ramifications of the ordinance language and the dangerous precedent it sets for other cities, counties, and states across the country.

This ordinance language would effectively ban animal training and exhibitions including; dog training and shows, horse training and shows, 4H and FFA livestock shows, rodeo, and other cultural events.

Until recently the Western Sports Industry Coalition's supporters' comments and petition signatures outnumbered the opposition, but the tables have turned.

Your Voice is Needed
Ordinance language
will set a dangerous precedent

If you have not already done so, we are asking you to please leave a comment on the Los Angeles City Council comment website page, supporting animal training, and animal exhibitions, including rodeo events.

If you have already submitted a comment, we urge you to ask others.

Please be sure to "Confirm" your email address or your comment will not be counted.

You do NOT need to be a resident of Los Angeles, or California to write a comment.

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Additional Information:

Animal Exhibition Ban in Los Angeles- Extremists Up the Ante with Billboards

Animal extremist groups, looking to push forward their ultimate agenda of removing the use of animals and animals from human care have upped the ante by placing billboards along Los Angeles highways.

Ordinance Language

The Los Angeles City Attorney has been tasked with writing an ordinance using the same ordinance language implemented by the City of Pittsburgh.

Specifically, the Pittsburgh ordinance reads, “any (sic) event in which animals are induced or encouraged to perform through the use of any practice or technique;”.


Training and exhibitions are exactly what the Pittsburgh ordinance was attacking when they used the words, “practice or technique.”

The ordinance language is extremely alarming and everyone who owns and competes with animals should take notice.

Should this move forward all animal activities are at risk. Dog shows, horse shows, including reined cow horse, reining, breed shows, barrel races, hunter jumper, and dressage shows would fall under this language as well as rodeo events. Livestock shows and 4-H and FFA exhibitions would also be included as well as educational exhibitions.

Historic and Cultural Events

Rodeo is a cultural event, celebrating the rich traditions found in the Hispanic and Black communities. Los Angeles has the largest Hispanic population, many of whom are descended from the Charros and Vaqueros who helped settle the west. There is huge cultural and historical pride in their sport of Charreria. Our modern rodeo has its roots first in Spain, Mexico, then Texas, and California.

Most are not aware of the rich American history of black cowboys, cattle ranching and settling the west. These cowboys were experts at managing livestock and training horses. In particular, they were invaluable to the Texas cattle industry in the post-Civil War era. These cowboys made their way north into Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and then eventually west to California.

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Below is our drafted and submitted letter for your reference

Los Angeles City Council Members:

Thank you for taking the time to read our public comment. We are writing to you in regards to the ordinance language you requested the Los Angeles City Attorney to write which pertains to rodeos and rodeo type events. The items listed in the motion for ordinance language (electric cattle prods, sharpened spurs, wire tie-downs, and flank straps) when and if they are used in a rodeo, are carefully regulated and monitored by industry professionals.

The initial action to have this ordinance written by the city attorney was presented and urged by animal rights activists, who are against all animal use. These extremists are working to ban all animal ownership including pets and animal agriculture, and this is just another step of incrementalism in their plan. These groups use emotional rhetoric to manipulate public opinion. They purposefully ignore facts and current animal welfare standards. If there are concerns about rodeo and rodeo-type events consultations should be conducted with actual experts in rodeo, animal welfare, and from independent large-animal veterinarians and then strongly considered.

We urge you to take into account the track record of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). The PRCA has had animal welfare rules in place since 1947 and currently have over 70 rules protecting the livestock used in currently sanctioned rodeos. The PRCA has also had a 99.9% safety rating for the past 4 years.

We at Protect The Harvest, are asking the Los Angeles City Council to look at this issue from the side of animal welfare, not the ideology of animal rights. We urge you to consult with true subject matter experts on this issue before you vote to approve ordinance language that will impact a large sector of your constituents. Following the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ordinance as the city attorney was directed to do would effectively ban all animal exhibitions including dog shows, horse shows, 4H and FFA projects in the city. The banning of the equipment listed would also effectively ban rodeo and other animal exhibition forms from Los Angeles. This in turn would create an economic void for event vendors, exhibitors, competitors, and the community and set a dangerous precedent.

Thank you for your time,

Protect The Harvest

We are also encouraging
signing the petition
if you have not already done so

Message from our friends at Western Justice:

Join us in signing the petition and be part of our collective voice, presenting knowledge, experience, and legitimate, objective research to lawmakers to preserve and protect the tradition and future of rodeo and rodeo activities in the City of Los Angeles and across the county.

Sign The Petition

If you would like more information about the ordinance and the proposed language please read these articles:



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