It's All About the Bedding!



Thursday's Blog Highlight: Wired to Hunt

  Do you ever wonder if your doing something wrong, why you don't always see the trophy bucks like the ones out in the open during hunting shows on T.V.? Dan, blogger for Wired to Hunt, says your not doing anything wrong. He says most often, people read to many magazine articles or watch T.V. shows with unrealistic expectations. The key to hunting big bucks may not be tracking rubs, using the right call, or scent blocker, but rather looking for deer bedding during the off season that may lead you right straight to your next trophy buck! Be sure to follow Wired to Hunt on Facebook and Twitter, and stay updated with expert deer hunting tips on their Blog! I think the biggest reason hunters fail hunting public land or small private properties is because they watch too many hunting shows,  and read too many magazines that all seem to revolve around rut tactics or huge managed leases. Lets face it, if you open most magazines you will see  articles about hunting food sources, hunting scrapes, hunting rubs, or the latest magic product that will bring big bucks running. If you turn on the TV the hunting shows show guys sitting over open fields in manicured box blinds or ladder stands with half a dozen P&Y bucks grazing in front of them in broad daylight trying to decide which one to take. That’s not reality for most of us. This has to leave new hunters scratching their heads wondering what they are doing wrong. Well, here in the “real world”, mature bucks don’t wander around in open fields in daylight.  They are nocturnal animals that move very little in daylight. During the rut it’s possible to catch occasional big bucks moving in daylight, but our bow hunting seasons are months long and the rut revolves around a short little window of time. Even if you do throw all your eggs into the rut basket, I find the truly mature bucks of 5 years old or older still don’t move much in daylight. To continue reading, Click Here.


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