Missouri Senator Takes Aim at California Egg Bill


challenged AB 1437's constitutionality with a lawsuit. They argued that it violates Commerce and Supremacy clauses of the U.S. Constitution. A federal judge in Sacramento tossed the suit under the claim that the economic harm was not enough of a hindrance to provoke intervention. They then chose to appeal that ruling, and the case is still ongoing. States are not waiting for that lawsuit to be resolved. Missouri State Senator Mike Parson (R-Bolivar) has introduced a resolution in the Missouri Senate Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee which addresses California's egg bill. Senator Parson has taken a strong stance towards defending agriculture in Missouri, as he was a key contributor in the efforts to pass Amendment 1 (the Right to Farm Amendment) in the state. Senate Concurrent Resolution 67 "Condemns California's anti-trade actions relating to eggs, calls on the California legislature to repeal AB 1437, and urges the voters of California to reconsider and repeal Proposition 2." It was referred to the committee on March 2nd and is awaiting a decision on how to move forward. SCR67's full text can be read here.


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