New Hampshire SB 59 Threat To Animals And Food Supply


Pork producers in New Hampshire are under fire from the radical animal rights group Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). New Hampshire Senate Bill (SB) 59 is another HSUS attempt to place harmful restrictions and economic hardships on anyone involved in animal agriculture. HSUS's plan is devishly simple - use state legislators to place unobtainable (and needless) regulations on pork producers, in hopes they will be forced to limit their production of meat...or to stop production altogether. Over the past decade, HSUS has used it's massive financial war-chest to successfully pressure nine states to adopt gestation crate bans, that severely restrict the rights of farmers. Like every other HSUS-backed gestation crate ban, SB 59 will force New Hampshire pork producers to comply with new rules and regulations that HSUS has deemed necessary even though they fly in the face of modern animal husbandry standards. History shows that if SB 59 passes the price for pork products will skyrocket and many farmers will be forced out of business. Ironically, these bans make it nearly impossible for pig farmers to keep their animals safe. Gestation crates allow farmers to produce healthy, affordable pork because they keep pregnant sows safe from injury and disease. Gestation crates are the only form of sow housing consistently proven to meet the recommendations laid out by groups like the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) and the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA). PTH_BigFunnyCard_pig-front So, how does this relate to you? HSUS's attempt to ban gestation crates in New Hampshire allows them to further their radical agenda by pressuring other states saying, "Look at what other states are doing." HSUS-backed SB 59 endangers all-American pork producers, as well as consumers and, sadly, the very pigs and hogs HSUS claims to care for. To contact Russell Prescott, Chairman of New Hampshire Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, email - and let him know how devastating SB 59 will be, not just for New Hampshire farmers, but farmers, ranchers and consumers all across the United States.


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