PETA's War on Women and Common Decency


PETA priorities

WARNING: Some images may be considered graphic in nature. By now, a significant portion of U.S. consumers are aware of animal rights groups’ blatant attempts at driving attention to their causes through eye-opening messages. They feel that since they can’t win over people on the logical side of issues, they must resort to moving them through emotional and often, shocking portrayals of what they refer to as “animal cruelty”. No organization exploits this better than PETA. They’ve made a name for themselves on taking a complex issue such as animal welfare and reducing it down to their radical standards. The shocking images they use often compare animals to humans. For instance, they have held public displays where humans are wrapped up similar to cuts of meat at the grocery store. Also, they have compared the consumption of meat to the Holocaust, compared their fellow meat-eating humans to the KKK, and have used images of scantily clad women and directly referenced them as pieces of meat. PETA meat stunt PETA Nazi ad These images are scattered throughout the internet; many times they can only be posted on PETA’s website because many media outlets refuse to display their ads. What’s most disheartening is the sexualization of women.jenna-dewan-tatum-peta-snake-ad-jdu21 While these models are willing to pose for these photos, it becomes a bigger issue when applied to the female population in general. Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA, has said that she finds the tactics harmless: "As for the sexy women in our ads, the silly costumes, the street tableaux and the tofu sandwich give-aways, in a world where people want to smile, can't resist looking at an attractive image and are up for a free meal, if such harmless antics will allow one individual to reconsider their own role in exploiting animals, how can it be faulted?" It can very easily be faulted, Miss Newkirk. Not only does the use of overly sexualized images of women cheapen the debate of animal welfare, but it also sells out your own species. For an organization that advocates against the use of primates in advertising, they sure don’t mind using humans in a similar, advantageous fashion. PETA’s likening of humans to animals seeks to be provocative purely for the attention. While an organization like HSUS’s main tactic is going straight to public officials themselves, PETA realizes that they can sway a mass audience by selling sex and using extreme methods of persuasion. They have proven that no subject is off limits, even going so far as to include children in their depictions. This raises an important question: How can an organization that prides itself on advocating for the “rights” of animals that can’t voice their opinions, exploit kids who actually have God-given rights as humans but similarly can’t voice their opinions, and honestly say that what they’re doing isn’t hypocritical in the most blatant way possible? One cannot help but think that these issues underlie a bigger problem in that PETA’s “agenda” is more important to them than their actual cause. The bottom line is that PETA, much like HSUS, appear to be more interested in making themselves money instead of helping animals. A final illustration of their priorities: This Roadside Emergency Kit, sold on PETA’s online catalog, is specifically marketed to helping animals. Where is their roadside emergency kit for fellow human beings? This is just another product they use to sell their radical ideas; another clever marketing tool in a long line of smoke and mirrors that distracts from the real issues. Hey PETA, do you want to know what is really eye-opening? The truth - Animal Rights does not equal Animal Welfare.


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    2nd Annual Spring Round Up VRH/AQHA Show: Dillsburg, PA

    Join us at the 2nd Annual Spring Round Up VRH/AQHA Show: Dillsburg, PA. The dates include Friday, May 29, 2020 - Saturday, May 30, 2020 We would love to see you there!

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