Protect The Harvest Founder Forrest Lucas Gives Candid Interview


FL Recently, Protect The Harvest Founder Forrest Lucas was interviewed by Indianapolis' CBS affiliate, CBS4Indy, on a wide range of topics. They covered the beginnings of Protect The Harvest, why he became involved in this issue, his passion for protecting consumers and producers, and the bitter battle with Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the threats that it poses to Americans. A primary source of frustration he shares with people all over the country is California's Proposition 2, which places tough restrictions on egg producers. It has been responsible already since its implementation at the start of the year for egg prices skyrocketing in the state and in any state that does egg business with California. Mr. Lucas has an extensive background in ranching, and realizes the importance of an organization on the side of agriculture/sportsmen/etc. that can stand up to HSUS's big money and radical agenda. His enthusiasm and passion for this cause motivates all of us to continue working hard to educate the public about the true nature of animal rights extremists and create lasting, legal safeguards for those whose livelihoods involve feeding the people of our country. Watch the interview and more, here. Learn more about Forrest Lucas and his mission, here.


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