Vilsack's Ties to HSUS


Tuesday evening, Congressman Steve King retained his seat in office defeating HSUS supported opponent Christie Vilsack. Congressman King is a strong defender of agriculture and a roadblock for HSUS. King pushed an amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill that prevented HSUS' destruction of California egg producers from spreading across the nation. King never backed down amidst strong pressure from the HSUS and that resulted with HSUS spending over $500,000 in attack ads during his campaign. We understood the importance of re-electing Steve King. So, in defense for King, we ran our own ads that revealed the truth about HSUS and their support for Vilsack. King defeated Vilsack with a commanding margin; 55% to 43%. Steve King, presumed next Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, will be an important voice for Americas farmers and ranchers. Here is the TV ad that we ran:


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