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Animal Welfare – Pork

  • Purdue University, Allan Schinckel, PhD. Gestation and Farrowing Crates for Pigs










  • Wakefield Pork – Interviews with Food Bloggers





  • The truth about gestation crates website

    • http://maternitypens.com/


  • HSUS Whistleblower Tells All



  • HSUS Whistleblower Observations about Maternity Pens



Animal Welfare – Egg Production






  • Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply – Three year study

    • Aviary system: highest incidence of keel abnormalities, dirtiest feathers, highest levels of Salmonella, highest indoor ammonia concentrations, highest levels of particulate matter, workers exposed to higher concentrations of airborne particles and endotoxins, highest labor cost, total capital cost per dozen eggs was 179% higher than conventional, operating costs were 23% higher than conventional, total cost per dozen eggs was 36% higher than conventional (36% more expensive to produce aviary eggs), housing system did not affect quality of eggs,
    • Infographic of results:






Animal Welfare – Veal

  • American Veal Association:

    • http://www.americanveal.com/animal-care-housing/



  • Livestock and Climate Change: Facts and Fiction


Research – Statistics – Economic Impact

  • Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University. Harry M. Kaiser. Implications of Interstate Commerce Restrictions on Retail Egg and Pork Prices and Demand. May 2016

    • Analysis is based on retail egg price data in CA versus US for 2014 and 2015.
    • Egg prices increased in CA by $1.05 per dozen (37.8%) and increased $0.56 (27.4% nation wide) ***Avian influenza outbreak was also going on at this time which could be the cause for the US increase. CA still had an increase of $0.49 per dozen (with influenza outbreak price taken out of consideration) which is a 18% increase.
    • Price per person, per year ends up with $14 more spent than before Prop 2.



  • Illinois Farm Bureau, Facts About Cage-Free Eggs, September 2011